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Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Monday, April 17th, 2017

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Guest Blog by John Paul Ried on the the Medford Family Chronicles

Welcome my friend, fellow Game Master and published Writer John Paul Ried!
– Jim
Synopsis of the Medford Family Chronicles
By John Paul Ried
Welcome to the Palamaran Dimension! This is a world filled with medieval kingdoms,
monsters, demihumans, humanoids and bizarre deities. It is truly astonishing that the two most important things in life anywhere are family and love. Here several generations of the Medford family (Oakley was the original peasant name) find themselves dealing with deadly politics, vicious lovers, capricious deities, perverted power lusting wizards, and other maniacal enemies both human and otherwise. Magic and even psionics abound with these stories!

Book 1 – Reckless Ambitions: The Medford Family Chronicles
The beloved, highly respected, and automatically obeyed Palamaran Emperor John
Cardillion IV has died suddenly without naming a successor. He has four very powerful sons, An Arch Cleric, a Fighter, a Wizard and a Merchant Prince (aka thief), who are eager to slay each other and claim their father’s Ruby Throne. Earl Thomas Medford, the former Emperor’s best friend and Commander of the Imperial Guard, has to choose which royal brother to support for the throne and marry his deliciously gorgeous only daughter too.
Meanwhile Earl Medford’s daughter Christina has fallen hopelessly in love with one of
the many imperial guard officers, Nick Armand. Christina and her best friend, Abigail Theosoar, do everything they can to hide this passionate romance. The not-so- simple Palace Gardener, Dr. Andrew Numil, who has his own agendas, discovers Christina’s secret and uses it to his advantage. Abigail Theosoar’s father, former gladiator and tavern owner Robert Theosoar, falls under a terrible curse with politics as the new Lord Mayor of the Palamaran Capitol.
Finally, Professor Oliver Wendell Enalan, a middle-aged Illusionist spellcaster from the
Gamemasters University, finds new psionic abilities within himself as he falls in love with a beautiful Elven refugee Princess. The Gamemasters University, of which Professor Enalan is employed, is dedicated to searching the limitless multiverse for new and exciting games to play augmenting their magical powers. Will Enalan be able to defend the GMU mission and fulfill his destiny? Is the price of ultimate power bitter loveless loss? You shall judge in the e

Book 2 – Capricious Deities: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume II
The Flaming Civil War erupts all over the Palamaran Empire. Now Emperor Thomas
Medford IV discovers his daughters forbidden romance and determines to slay the handsome and popular Nicholas Armand with an honorable, military death. Abigail Theosoar finds herself continually pulled into power plays, spying, and plots while Dr. Andrew Numil continues to manipulate almost everyone. Dr. Numil’s granddaughter, Susan Raintree, tries her best to assist both Arch Duchess Christina and Abigail Theosoar while simultaneously obeying her grandfather’s wishes. The feud between the royal brothers continues with unlikely alliances and general chaotic treachery.
The young boy hero of the Palamaran Empire Neshal Quicksilver faces his undoubtedly
greatest fears as he selects an aristocratic bride. Neshal and Lisa discover young love while almost getting themselves killed. The civil war climaxes in the titanic battle of Grabinth Hills where divine intervention from several deities threaten to destroy thousands of mortals leaving Oliver Wendell Enalan, of all people, to deal with the situation. Nick Armand and his friends, Field Marshal Paul Tenisal and Captain Matthew Theosoar, have to decide between treason and execution while attempting to defend their beloved homes and lovers. With an evil Humanoid invasion fleet expected to arrive within another year thanks to those Elven refugees,
EVERYONE attempts to end the Civil War as quickly as possible with one crisis and disaster after another. How can love and patriotism get so complicated?

Book 3 – A Local Dragon’s Tail: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume III
The sleepy town of Bayton is located on the Eastern Forsaken Island. This is a very good thing as the Western Forsaken Island is supposedly inhabited by the vile and destructive Ancient Purple Dragon Kildarious Sharpclaw. Every 80-120 years or so the evil and vindictive Purple Dragon slays and devours most of the Humans in Bayton leaving the survivors to rebuild and hope for the best. No one but the Dragon knows exactly how many times this has repeatedly happened over the centuries (eleven but who is counting?). Meanwhile the Cunning and Terrifying Ancient Purple Dragon has to face and conquer the two most irresistible and indestructible forces throughout the multiverse: wickedly seductive lust and passionate helpless love. How could this happen? How could her invincible and inexorable personage become enslaved to such petty and ordinary feelings, especially for a simple, uneducated, and boneheaded Human farmer?
These Forsaken Islands, only three to four days sail north from Paladon City, the capitol
of the Palamaran Empire, have to be prepared for an enemy invasion fleet full of evil, disgusting and violent Humanoids such as Goblins, Gargoyles, Ogres, and Trolls. The new Palamaran Emperor Thomas Medford IV sends out Baron Ketra Kelvin with his family with specific instructions. The new Baron must rally the citizenry of Bayton for war, prepare for the expected invasion fleet, and somehow slay or drive away the terrible and titanic Purple Dragon. And you thought your employers were demanding. And will the Palamaran Empire manage to construct its own ocean fleet in time to meet the invaders?
By John Paul Ried
I’m a huge fan on Johns, plus this week you’ll get to hear our interview!
– Jim
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