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Polaris the RPG









“For centuries, wars and climatic catastrophes have ravaged the surface of the earth, making it uninhabitable by all but the mutated and monstrous. Humanity, searching for refuge, combs the world’s oceans and finds sanctuary…and more. Welcome to Polaris!”


POLARIS is a French tabletop RPG, set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi atmosphere, where survival is first and foremost. What attracted me was the sci-fi with a seasoning of horror and weirdness setting. Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter Campaign in early 2016, Black Book Editions are finally able to expand the product line and publish this game for the first time ever in an English language edition and now it has begun to wash up on our shores across the pond!

As you might have guessed from above description, the world of Polaris is a dark, cold, wet place. Mankind in its folly has rendered the surface of the earth uninhabitable, and even with the help of some ominous benefactors known as The Geneticians, they fled beneath the waves to survive in any way possible. However Mankind’s baser instincts gets the best of them and before long, war and bloodshed begin to stain the seas as red as the toxic surface! New factions rise and new grudges evolve as the water becomes spotted with the blood of both the innocent and the guilty. Unknown centuries of squabbling ensue ever diminishing resources, and it seems the end is nigh until a phenomenon known as The Polaris Effect instills select individuals with powers that science cannot adequately define or explain.

There is zero question that Polaris is gorgeous. The layout and art are a testament to the care and craftsmanship the good people at Black Box Editions bring to the table. The world map is beautiful and very impressive – something big happened to the Earth’s surface, and sizable chunks of the surface are completely submerged. There’s an ocean through the middle of North America and Australia both, Greenland’s heart is submerged, and much of South America is gone. It’ll be very interesting to see if we get to find out what the heck happened to the world, or if it’ll be a mystery of the ages…

The default game setting takes place after all of this has transpired and more, The Geneticians are in hiding…or gone. The great city of Equinox is the oceans last best hope for peace…or disaster as it is the hub of all the political powers and controlled by the powers who wield the Polaris effect!

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi atmosphere, where survival is key the Player Characters can take the role of the usual post-apocalyptic types: mercenaries, soldiers, doctors, as well as devotees of The Cult of Trident, whose members tend to be proficient in the manipulation of The Polaris Effect to create amazing feats. The group can encounter as much or as little political and cold war intrigue since there are a several major powers settled about the globe, as well as groups can either align themselves with one of the smaller geographically locked factions or open the engines up and  travel The Seven Seas in search of adventure. But beware for under the sea man isn’t the only thing that lurks beneath the surface as it is so not safe to go back in the water as mysterious monsters, mutants and nature await the adventurous and foolhardy.

One thing I could so see one of our groups doing is use something like Mutant Year Zero’s Ark rules to build the groups own community under the sea and doing missions to help the community as a whole to grow and evolve.      

Here is a quick over view of the books and items out as of this post, don’t worry I will so do more detailed and visual reviews over the next few months as all of these products are all beautifully illustrated and laid out, and that includes the PDFs

Quickstart/adventure on Drive Thru RPG

 Now to be honest this is an abridged version of the adventure in Core Rulebook 1 and the Pre gen Characters are great and its FREE on DriveThruRPG.Com!

Polaris the RPG – Quick Start #1 Universe

A great and free teaser to the Polaris setting

Polaris Core Rulebook 1

Fiction, World Setting with a ton of plot hooks, Character creation, and Rules!     

Polaris Core Rulebook 2

Mystery, Underwater combat and Vehicles, Mermaids (Not those kind!) and other sea creatures, Tech and most importantly fixing gear, and ‘Advanced Rules’!

Together both rulebooks do come with a lovely cardstock ‘Slipcase’ to keep them both safely in. Between the two you have everything your need to play the Polaris RPG! Together over 500 pages of full cover loveliness!

Equinox setting book

Another lovely hardcover book weighing in at 48 pages, that goes further into the equally mysterious and majestic city of Equinox. This neutral Freeport of a floating city in the sea is home to the ‘Cult of the Trident’ the systems mysterious users of the Polaris Effect! It does a good job of giving a ton of good plot hooks as well as including the adventure “Industrial Espionage”.


Polaris Character File

 I LOVE these for you Polaris players! This 16-page full color Character folio have EVERYTHING a player needs to play including rules and charts from Core Book 1! Just check out the publisher’s description:


A gaming aid for all Players of Polaris RPG! It introduces in a few pages the world and timeline of the game, and describes the major factions and the most important nations of the Deep. The helpful summary of Character Creation and basic Combat Rules helps players and GM’s alike speed up the gameplay! 

On the 8 pages dedicated entirely to your Character’s abilities and equipment as well as your progression you get plenty of space to detail your Adventurer!

The woodfree paper lets you write and erase on the pages!  This booklet is aimed at Polaris RPG players, supplied in packs of five Character Files, shrink wrapped together to accommodate a whole gaming table. 

16 pages, softcover, woodfree paper, full-color  • Map of the World of the Deep  • Character Creation Summary  • 8 page character sheet  • Essential Rules Reminder 


Location Map Foli

I’ve only seen digital copies of these but wow they are beautiful!

This pack contains 16 different location maps where underwater adventurers are likely to roam! Each map exists in a version with full captions, and a spoiler free plain version so players can discover it during gameplay. 

The locations included in this pack:

  • Equinox: Level 1
  • Vessek Rental Hangar
  • Bar
  • Hotel
  • Vessel Assembly Yard
  • Cabaret
  • Combat Arena
  • Prison
  • Mining Zone
  • Experimental Hydro-Farm
  • Secret Laboratory
  • Isolated Station
  • Network of Infested Tunnels
  • Surface Bunker
  • Light Frigate Class
  • Unknown Ship Wreck

 Polaris RPG: Dice Set 

Style up your game with a set of these Polaris dice! Contains 7 dice (3d6, 3d10, 1xd20)

 Check out their awesome website HERE!

Polaris RPG nominated for 4 ENnies in 2017!

As more detailed reviews come outI will link them here, plus see our earlier Summer one shot article HERE.


Summer One Shots might be in the deep blue

So looks like in our Patreon Poll for what one shots you’d like to have happen and hear, Polaris RPG is in the lead!

Post-apocalyptic is a Genre I’ve always enjoyed and thankfully its still pretty big these days, but Black Book Editions‘ Polaris gets a special points for its focus on a part of the world we don’t get to pay enough attention to – the oceans that cover the vast majority of earth. As a big fan of 20,000 leagues under the sea, SeaQuest DSV and Voyage to the bottom of the sea I was definitely looking forward to this game! Honestly, no matter what the source of the of End the world is, the survivors will almost certainly need to look to the seas for survival, jus don’t jump on a ship like in Fear the Walking dead!

“For centuries, wars and climatic catastrophes have ravaged the surface of the earth, making it uninhabitable by all but the mutated and monstrous. Humanity, searching for refuge, combs the worlds oceans and finds sanctuary…and more. Welcome to Polaris!”

From the French publishers of the award-winning Pathfinder RPG comes the Polaris RPG. A brand new post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG system and setting from Black Book Editions.

Take part in the political intrigues, action, exploration and the quest to survive. An all new and revised english version with over 400 full-color pages, split in two books that are sold in a slip case.

Core Rulebook : 1
280 page, hardcover, full-color
• The World of the Deep – Setting
• Character Creation
• Game System

Core Rulebook :2
208 page, hardcover, full-color
• Technology & Equipment
• Creatures
• Advanced Rules
• Quickstart Adventure

ATTENTION: You need Core Rulebook 2 to play!

The Artwork is fantastic in these books as well as the free quick start on DriveThruRPG! Check these out and let me know what you think? we most likely be doing a few one shot games in a share universe but if you’d like a regular podcast let us know!


GM FOR HIRE, or the Merc with a D20!

Hi guys!

So seems it’s been one of those wired Moon kind of months where I’ve seen and joined in May conversation-flame Wars on a touchy subject in the RPG world and that’s Game Mastering for pay, of Professional GMing!

Ok let’s call them a Game Coach, or Game Tour Guide would you pay a sports coach or tour guide?

Now I know at this very point theirs nerd rage bubbling up and possibly tempers flaring, but wait I want to know real world reasons why paying some one to put 10-12 per-game hours, who know how much in photo copies, paper and paper and game books (more to that below to come), then the actual 4+ hours around the game table leading the story that you all will weave. Why is asking for less then the ticket price of a two hour movie a crime? I don’t think so and yes I even have a level of support on our Patreon page for a GM for a day.

Ok so now let’s talk game books:
D&D 3 core book $50 a pop, $150 for the GM maybe 2-5 player buy their own copy and if you’d like one of the published adventures that’s $50 more, ok so that’s a $200 investment (Don’t ask how much all the Edge of Empire or Force and Destiny costs!!!) so is you had 5 players chipping in $5 a game in eight sessions you would have paid your GM back for investing in your good time, but wait theirs more…8 sessions times 4 hours at minimum wage of we’ll say your home state is $6 that’s $192 more you owe your GM not counting mileage and food/drinks or time put in planning the game (remember that 10-12 hours GM’s put into writing). So please think of that before you flame a GM for looking for $5, a meal, ride home or book from from the group from time to time. GMing is a skill like writing, film directing, flipping burgers and programming a PC game. It’s amazing how it’s not ok to pay a story teller who pours themselves into a game, just like I know Photographers and artist who have their works stolen with not even a thank you.

Now I’ve heard a ton of complaints of what if the game sucks or it devalues the story or the GM will have to pander to the players well tough! So your telling me a GM has never pandered to his players that’s the whole point of the game to focus and be a fan of the players, and just like the social contract of gaming applies to the story, dice and natural game progression you discuss in advance of any play to pay game of what kind of game do the players/customers want to play (genre, pg rating, etc) as well as rules that can get a player kicked out (being too aggressive, abusive behavior etc) and deal breakers for the GM.

Now of course like I tell all my friends all the time in gaming and buying vote with reviews and your dollars you like a store, support it whenever you can with reviews and buy and preorder from them! The same comes from GMs! I’ve played with great GMs, some Bad GMs, some Inexperienced GMs, some Killer GMs, and heck I’ve played with Great GMs on an off day of running a game. Heck I know I’ve been everyone of those one time or another. So my best advise is just like going to a bar or steak joint if you order and eat, pay tip appropriately (and yes sometimes 0 is appropriate) and tell your friends and don’t patronize them again!

So I’m glad your still reading look at Wizards of the Coast their Adventure League has GMs and game stores running the same one hour session with the same pre written material provided by the stores to GMs with usually 3/4 provided and the last 1/4 for purchase. For all of this thrill for $3-$10 each person depending on city/store. Now this is great and the stores take care of the GMs in materials and normally some store credit which is awesome! Heck that’s a perfect symbiotic relationship between GMs and Stores generating supply for players needing a fix. Now this reminds me of an argument for paying GMs in that they are willing to pay for books and supplies but not ‘cash’ to a merc GM! Ok so how about next time you play how about you secretly pass the hat and pick your GM up a gift card as a group and invest in your GM to have him invest in your gaming and investing it you fun and hobby after all GMing is entertaining players is job full of pressure!

The more you invest in your game with stories, backgrounds, helping give story ideas, bring snack and please please please get your GM some drinks, hell take time and pay attention to your gaming table, your GM is doing the lions share of talking and asking questions that’s a fast way to get yourself dehydrated!

All in all support your GM in some way, even a bad GM puts a lot of time, money and energy into a past time we all love and enjoy as much as we can and if they ask to get paid maybe it’s worth the price of a fru fru drink or meal to spend time at the table and seeing their style, heck you may have to get on a wait list for a really good GM or Adventure League table!

Please comment and share! But before you say Chris Perkins or Matt Mercer know they get paid for what they do and it’s not just in exposure for their other projects.

And if your a GM remember to always guide all your players along a heroic journey to glory and victory!


The Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!

Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!
Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games.
Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue…), and Judi (The loved Noble elven Wizard). 
Displaying IMG_7162.JPG
“If only I was in my prime!”
“I don feel pain…”
“She knows the gender of the…”
“Your not looking at me I’m hiding!”
“There’s a HIIIIIISSsssssss….”

The Walking dead finale! (No spoilers!)

Wow! Just Wow! I am already Sooooo looking forward to season 8 this Fall!

I wanted to wait to post this so that all my friends who wait till the next weekend to catch up on Tivo/DVR could catch up J

Ok so one of the first thing I have to say is if I wrote my RPG Adventures like the writers have been writing the Walking Dead story since the Saviors joined the series every one of my  players would leave my game table and I would not blame them! 

One bad thing that is really bugging me is that the Saviors are infallible and always in the loop of all the plans against them and the going on’s of all the small groups. For a few seasons now the writers are so over playing the trope of the bad guys having the “perfect luck” in every situation and I’m definitely sick of it!

All in all though it was a great season finale and a powerhouse of emotional wrap up of the season making you want more walking dead and some Talking dead to help get the feels out and see the guests cast on Chris Hardwicks couch!

Plus keep an eye out for Chris Hardwicks new show its going to be a great addition to the Walking Dead off season!

As usual, there are still many questions to ponder as fans embrace next season. Gregory’s intentions for leaving The Hilltop is still unknown. Now that he has been shaken up a bit, curiosity peaks as to what Negan’s next play will be seeing as he had upper hand for quite some time.

 Interesting note over 200 weapons were used by the prop team for the finale! 

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

 Keep on Keeping on Walking dead!


Guest Blog by John Paul Ried on the the Medford Family Chronicles

Welcome my friend, fellow Game Master and published Writer John Paul Ried!
– Jim
Synopsis of the Medford Family Chronicles
By John Paul Ried
Welcome to the Palamaran Dimension! This is a world filled with medieval kingdoms,
monsters, demihumans, humanoids and bizarre deities. It is truly astonishing that the two most important things in life anywhere are family and love. Here several generations of the Medford family (Oakley was the original peasant name) find themselves dealing with deadly politics, vicious lovers, capricious deities, perverted power lusting wizards, and other maniacal enemies both human and otherwise. Magic and even psionics abound with these stories!

Book 1 – Reckless Ambitions: The Medford Family Chronicles
The beloved, highly respected, and automatically obeyed Palamaran Emperor John
Cardillion IV has died suddenly without naming a successor. He has four very powerful sons, An Arch Cleric, a Fighter, a Wizard and a Merchant Prince (aka thief), who are eager to slay each other and claim their father’s Ruby Throne. Earl Thomas Medford, the former Emperor’s best friend and Commander of the Imperial Guard, has to choose which royal brother to support for the throne and marry his deliciously gorgeous only daughter too.
Meanwhile Earl Medford’s daughter Christina has fallen hopelessly in love with one of
the many imperial guard officers, Nick Armand. Christina and her best friend, Abigail Theosoar, do everything they can to hide this passionate romance. The not-so- simple Palace Gardener, Dr. Andrew Numil, who has his own agendas, discovers Christina’s secret and uses it to his advantage. Abigail Theosoar’s father, former gladiator and tavern owner Robert Theosoar, falls under a terrible curse with politics as the new Lord Mayor of the Palamaran Capitol.
Finally, Professor Oliver Wendell Enalan, a middle-aged Illusionist spellcaster from the
Gamemasters University, finds new psionic abilities within himself as he falls in love with a beautiful Elven refugee Princess. The Gamemasters University, of which Professor Enalan is employed, is dedicated to searching the limitless multiverse for new and exciting games to play augmenting their magical powers. Will Enalan be able to defend the GMU mission and fulfill his destiny? Is the price of ultimate power bitter loveless loss? You shall judge in the e

Book 2 – Capricious Deities: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume II
The Flaming Civil War erupts all over the Palamaran Empire. Now Emperor Thomas
Medford IV discovers his daughters forbidden romance and determines to slay the handsome and popular Nicholas Armand with an honorable, military death. Abigail Theosoar finds herself continually pulled into power plays, spying, and plots while Dr. Andrew Numil continues to manipulate almost everyone. Dr. Numil’s granddaughter, Susan Raintree, tries her best to assist both Arch Duchess Christina and Abigail Theosoar while simultaneously obeying her grandfather’s wishes. The feud between the royal brothers continues with unlikely alliances and general chaotic treachery.
The young boy hero of the Palamaran Empire Neshal Quicksilver faces his undoubtedly
greatest fears as he selects an aristocratic bride. Neshal and Lisa discover young love while almost getting themselves killed. The civil war climaxes in the titanic battle of Grabinth Hills where divine intervention from several deities threaten to destroy thousands of mortals leaving Oliver Wendell Enalan, of all people, to deal with the situation. Nick Armand and his friends, Field Marshal Paul Tenisal and Captain Matthew Theosoar, have to decide between treason and execution while attempting to defend their beloved homes and lovers. With an evil Humanoid invasion fleet expected to arrive within another year thanks to those Elven refugees,
EVERYONE attempts to end the Civil War as quickly as possible with one crisis and disaster after another. How can love and patriotism get so complicated?

Book 3 – A Local Dragon’s Tail: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume III
The sleepy town of Bayton is located on the Eastern Forsaken Island. This is a very good thing as the Western Forsaken Island is supposedly inhabited by the vile and destructive Ancient Purple Dragon Kildarious Sharpclaw. Every 80-120 years or so the evil and vindictive Purple Dragon slays and devours most of the Humans in Bayton leaving the survivors to rebuild and hope for the best. No one but the Dragon knows exactly how many times this has repeatedly happened over the centuries (eleven but who is counting?). Meanwhile the Cunning and Terrifying Ancient Purple Dragon has to face and conquer the two most irresistible and indestructible forces throughout the multiverse: wickedly seductive lust and passionate helpless love. How could this happen? How could her invincible and inexorable personage become enslaved to such petty and ordinary feelings, especially for a simple, uneducated, and boneheaded Human farmer?
These Forsaken Islands, only three to four days sail north from Paladon City, the capitol
of the Palamaran Empire, have to be prepared for an enemy invasion fleet full of evil, disgusting and violent Humanoids such as Goblins, Gargoyles, Ogres, and Trolls. The new Palamaran Emperor Thomas Medford IV sends out Baron Ketra Kelvin with his family with specific instructions. The new Baron must rally the citizenry of Bayton for war, prepare for the expected invasion fleet, and somehow slay or drive away the terrible and titanic Purple Dragon. And you thought your employers were demanding. And will the Palamaran Empire manage to construct its own ocean fleet in time to meet the invaders?
By John Paul Ried
I’m a huge fan on Johns, plus this week you’ll get to hear our interview!
– Jim


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The Groups not been able to make it to game mostly my job killing our gaming schedule, but we’re defiantly thinking talking about how Vikings is something we enjoy!

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Our Adventures have infiltrated the water cult while the Lady Knights of Adventure get deeper in the Castle of the Master! Our newest group the Dark vision Dames will be on our Patreon at the moment but will soon been added to the podcast too with some new voices you will be hearing more of!

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Hi Guys,

Were looking for listener feed back for our adventures and well be using our Patreon site since it seems Facebook is hiding our polls and want us to pay to show them 🙁

So we love your feed back plus I personally enjoy letting you all have impact in the stories were collectively creating!

I’m going to try and roll out at least two or three polls for at least 1-2 of our player groups:

The Season two DND Journey of the Fifth edition (D&D)

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Cosplay Melee rolls a Natural 20! [spoiler free]

Image result for cosplay melee

Yvette Nicole Brown is my new queen of Awesome!
“It’s not just Melee it’s Cosplay Melee!”

Now to be honest we’ve always loved her as well as whenever she was a guest on the couch on Talking dead!

I love the diversity were seeing in the cosplayers they picked for the pilot episode!
I love contestants first words about Cosplay:
“Cosplay is Empowering!”
“cosplay let’s me come out of my Shell!”

Theme for the Cosplay: Space Opera!

Part one: Design a head dress for your Cosplay! 8 hours and Go!
Honestly I’m loving seeing how other Cosplayers are making a Character from the ground up on the fly. Each round more and more costume and character details solidify.

Inspirations mentioned: Chronicles of Riddick, xwing pilot meet Tie fighter helmet, to Guardians of the Galaxy! All great choices for inspiration.

My first thought was “OMG yards and yards of Worbla!!!!!

The Judges

Leeanna Vamp beings the Cosplay experience, Christian Beckman the fabricator eye and Yvette Nicole Brown brings all the Fan love and passion to what looks to be an fantastic addition to the SyFy lineup!

Part Two: Take a real world item to add a specific addition to the Cosplay and finish the build over two days!

Some of my favorite quotes:
“Ample boosums of awesomeness!”
“Hey, I’m a police officer, I can also handle a huge weapon!”
“…True to the Star War Universe and True to the Character!”

All the L-200 foam!!! Yep I’m going to be keeping these episodes to rewatch when working on our cosplay builds like next months Harry Potter Wands I need to make for a party theme.

I’m loving how cool and helpful the judges are when they come by and check out the Cosplayer projects in round two.

Now for the reveal & judging

I loved these comments from the judges:

“You are Insane!”
“I want to talk about the gun!”
“That to me Blows my mind!”
“I am chilled to the bone!”
“Head to toe, Amazing look!”

The intergalactic cosplay battle was fierce and seeing everyone support each other was exemplary!

[Easter eggs]

Steampunk Futurama!

Watch the Star Wars fan movie “Redemption”

…and next week Game of Thrones!



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Our favorite Star Wars RPG tools!

Favorite Star Wars (Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny by Fantasy Flight games) RPG.
Bagging for XP, I love these guys from the first release of Edge of Empire. One of my favorite fan sites that have a ton of up to date tools
OggDude’s Amazing character generator!
A fantastic FFG forum member named OggDude has created an amazing character generator and GM tool for Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion.  It is without a doubt a labor of love, one that he has been working tirelessly on for quite a while and it shows.  Updates are regular and often , he loves getting feedback, and I have found that it has an exceptional set of tools for the Game Master.
Fantasy Flight has a bunch of free to download adventures that happen after there cool Beginner box sets:
Force Awakens
Force and Destiny
Age of Rebellion
Edge of Empire
And these are pretty good adventures too!
Also on the Fantasy Flight games site for the Beginner games they each have two extra Pre-Gen characters you can use in a pinch! Thought they are just in a regular character sheet and not the awesome folio you get in the Beginner box.
As a bonus here’s a link to my absolute favorite reference sheet!
Hope this helps you guys in our favorite galaxy Far, Far, Away…
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