Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Thora Donarly


(Played by Kerrie; updated 11/6/2014)



Kerrie’s Scion: Thora Donarly
Daughter of Lightning, Daughter of Thunder

Just one more match to go and Thora Donarly will be the female champion of the East Texas Martial Arts Tournament and Expo. Her long, vibrant red hair was braided and wrapped into a tight bun at the back of her head with only a few stray wisps clinging around her face. Her brilliant blue eyes flashing when she looked at her opponent—one more to go. Thora’ s mother and father gave her lessons in Tae Kwan Do, Hapkido, Kung Fu, and more. They wanted her daughter to learn some self-control. Thora has a short fuse and can get angry at the drop of a hat, but she was also just as fast to forgive and not hold a grudge. She has a big heart and everybody loves her, but she just needs a little reminding to reign in her natural talents. Along with her big heart, she could have a big head. Most of the time it was fine, it gave her confidence and self-assurance, but she had to not be too prideful and the discipline of martial arts was just the thing. Not to mention Thora never backed down from a fight, especially the ones she was expected to lose. Training was just as much an outlet for her physically as it was mentally. It worked too, she got into a lot less trouble at school, she made okay grades, went to vocational school and has a real talent for all things electrical. She has a great job as an electrical technician for a big name satellite provider—her dad likes to call her the cable man, but there wasn’t any electrical device that she couldn’t handle or make do what she wanted it to do. Stepping onto the mat smiling a big smile as she looked down at her opponent. Thora was considered tall for a woman. She was 5’ 10 with an athletic build that had been toned and shaped with years of training into a lean, strong woman. She practically loomed over the smaller woman. Thora knew from experience that just because she was smaller, didn’t mean she couldn’t take her down and she wasn’t about to let that happen by underestimating her opponent—she learned that lesson the hard way. Pride goeth before a fall as Mama always said. As the announcer was giving the audience their names, schools, and stats, Thora was looking at the audience waving when her name was called, smiling at everyone. That’s when she notice this rather large man with red hair, smiling and waving at her like he knew her. She couldn’t recall seeing him before but he “felt” familiar. This event allowed for concessions and he was waving so vigorously that he almost spilled his beer in a plastic cup. So she waved right on back and turned back to the match. She had barely noticed him earlier in the day while doing the sword and spear demonstration for the expo—but he was hard not to notice at the match. As the hits landed by each competitor the crowd cheered, but none so much as the big red haired man. Every time Thora landed a hit he would “Woot woot!” or “that’s how you do it!” She had to keep focus, if she could land her next punch the match would be hers and with a speed that she didn’t even know she had the hit was made and the match was hers! Thora leaned down to help her opponent up and in her joyful exuberance gave her a big hug that quite surprised the woman, but Thora’s genuine amity was infectious and she even hugged back a bit once she could breathe again from the initial crushing embrace. After the trophy was awarded and the well-wishers subsided and she said goodbye to the rest of her dojo mates she made her way to the parking garage. She had parked her car of the top level of the garage at the Houston Convention Center right next to the Hilton so the soft sunset was just beginning. Her car was the last one left on that level so not only was the car easy to spot, but so was the big man sitting on it just above the front wheel of the driver’s side. He had his legs and his arms crossed and he was still smiling. The empty beer cup on the hood next to him. On closer inspection he was more than large, he was huge. He was at least 6’ 5” and he looked so powerful he could snap a boulder in half. With hands his size—he could bowl with them. His shaggy red hair and beard looked a little wild, but it was his eyes that really stood out. His eyes were so blue they almost crackled with energy. Normally one would be wary of a large, strange man waiting for you in a lonely parking garage—but he had a charisma about him, a winning smile and a friendly mean that seemed to offset his obvious potential for fierceness. He just didn’t seem that threatening at the moment, at least not to Thora. She walked right up to him and returned his smile. “You did real well out there, a nice bit of fighting.” He said with a deep rumbling voice that sounded like thunder in the distance. “Thanks.” She said. “Glad you enjoyed it.” Thora put her duffel bag on the ground and held out her hand. “The name’s Thora. Thora Donarly.” She said. He stood up to his full height and looked down at her still smiling and took her hand in his giant one and shook it firmly. “Would you believe me if I said my name was Thor, God of Thunder and Lightning, son of Odin the All Father, wielder of the Great Hammer Mjollnir.” He said matter-of-factly. Thora looked him up and down. “Well you certainly look the part, although I would have kinda expected a horned helmet and fur vest. What can I do for you Mighty Thor?” She said lightly. She figured she’ll just play along with the guy and see where it went. “I don’t know where this idea about horns on our helmets came from, but it’s a load of dung, as for the fur vests they never go out of style.” He quipped. As they began to talk, Thora notices the clouds coming in which was strange, the sky had been so clear minutes before. They almost seem to gather above them. He didn’t seem to notice anything at all except he seemed amused as she looked to the sky. “So if you’re Thor why aren’t you off in Scandinavia or Valhalla or something, why come to a martial arts competition in Houston?” She asked still playing along. “Why I came to see you, of course.” He replied smiling even bigger. She was taken aback by that. “Me? Why me? I don’t even know you—god or man, what do you want with me?” She questioned. “Why? Why? I’ll tell you why, because you are my daughter and I have work for you to do, that’s why.” He said laughing. As he laughed the clouds above thundered matching the rumble of his mirth so that they were as one blending and roiling together as natural as can be.Thora was speechless. Mouth hanging open trying to assimilate this new information. It was a lot to take in—she was supposed to believe that not only was he some Viking god, but that he was her father as well. Thora always knew that Matt Donarly wasn’t her real father. Her mother, Cheryl, had married him when Thora was just four years old. Her mother had told her that her real father was a guy she met at a bar. He worked there as a bouncer and she was a waitress. She said that he was where Thora got her blue eyes, red hair and temper to match. He could drink the bar under the table while keeping the bar guests in line. She loved him, but knew he wasn’t the marrying type and certainly wasn’t going to settle down with her and raise a child so they had said goodbye amicably and went their separate ways. She said his name was Tom Odinson. When Thora was in high school she tried to find him, but there just wasn’t any record of a man with that name. Now, years later, a man shows up saying he’s her father. And not just her father, but the Mighty Thor. She was beginning to think he might have drunk one too many beers that day.
“How do I know you are my father? You could just be some crazy guy that had too much to drink? She replied quickly and little angrily. “And why would you say you were Thor? Who does that? Seriously? Why should I believe you are my father and why should I believe you are Thor?” Thora was really starting to get mad—this was just too much. “Prove it!” She shouted. He was still smiling and the wind starts rushing, circling them. The clouds start swirling above them almost a vortex carrying thunder within. Then lightning begins to strike between the clouds in an arc of electricity. He lifts his hand to the sky and shouts a word that she cannot hear in the wind. Suddenly something comes hurtling towards them from the cloud vortex and slams into his grasp—it was a giant hammer, it was Thor’s hammer, it was Mjollnir.
Thora, buffeted by the wind, stands breathless taking in the scene. He walks over to her and the wind moves around him as though he were the eye in the storm and once he is in front of her, she too, feels the calm. Hammer in his left hand, he reaches out to her with his right and places it above her heart. At the touch it is as though lightning is passing between them and she can feel herself filling with energy, growing stronger, she was taking in the spark of the divine. She could breathe the thunder and she could ride the lightning, she was the daughter of Thor.


Current character sheet as of The Icelandic Sagas begin: Chapter Nine:


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