Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Brynhilda Njordson


(Played by Sandy; updated 11/6/2014)

Brynhilda “Bryn” Njordson

Sandy’s Scion: Brynhilda “Bryn” Njordson
Her name is Brynhilda Njordson and she is 6 foot tall in her bare feet, blond and blue eyed. Handsome more than beautiful but with a “killer” smile. Bryn is a Navy Seal just returned from an assignment in Afghanistan and spending some down time on her 3.4 million yacht in the Florida keys. Bryn’s stepfather is in construction building retirement condos for rich retirees in the South.

Bryn (the last man to call her Hilda spent 3 wks in intensive care) was just surfacing from doing some snorkeling when a huge water spout appeared next to her. There was a bearded man holding a spear standing in the middle of the spout and when the water calmed he was still standing there?! Not something you see everyday and the spear eliminated any thoughts of Jesus that was for sure.

“Hail Brynhilda I am your true father Njord, God of Water and Wind, and I am in need of your assistance.” Mom had always said that my real father was very special but this was more like extremely special! She climbed the ladder onto the deck never taking her eyes of the large figure then she gestured for him to come on-board – might as well be comfortable. Bryn felt the need for a strong drink so she got a couple of Fosters out of the on deck cooler and tossed one to Njord.
“I can share some of my powers with you if you agree to help stop Ragnarok – the end of the world.” he said then drinking down the Fosters in one gulp.

Bryn smiled at him and drank some of her beer. “I really like a nice fight now and then and avoiding the end of the world would be a big plus so why not?! Those powers sound like a nice addition to my fighting skills too.” Njord handed her the spear and then placed his hand on the sea scape tattoo on her upper back. “The spear will control fire and ice and will look like your K-bar knife until you call it forth. The tattoo is now a relic also that will let you control water and darkness. Plus I am giving you five of my underlings to support you in your efforts.”

“Gee thanks Dad! Beats the hell out of just the keys to your car!” Bryn said. Njord smiled and said “You will be contacted and told where to go. Enjoy my gifts and my blessing you are going to need them.” and he disappeared.

Bryn opened another Fosters then picked up her K-bar knife and thought “Spear”. The knife became an elaborate Norse spear covered in runes and she smiled her “killer” smile and started to hum her battle cry.


Current character sheet as of The Icelandic Sagas begin: Chapter Nine:


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