Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Kane Stihletson


(Played by Dan; updated 11/6/2014)



Dan’s Scion: Kane Stilhetson
How the hell did I get here”
Staked out in the Arizona sun with a sword shoved in my chest. Well I guess technically it does qualify as through my chest. Would be unfair of me to not give full credit for the effort put into stabbing me.
“Why is it so goddamned hot.”
I had to have made a mistake somewhere in this process.
Taking the job ultimately put me here but will not let myself look at that as a mistake. Child trafficking ring taking kids up to the states for…… well think will forgo thinking bout that cause will just start beating myself up for ending up here instead of well here digging holes and filling them.
“Why is it so goddamned hot.”
Hitting the Aztecas piece meal was smart perhaps in hindsight smaller meals would have been smarter. Though drawing the three into a bar room brawl was too easy a chance to pass up and well the hemoraged arteries in their legs and nuts from repeated cheap shots would certainly keep them off their bikes for a few months and likely cost them their colors, and more than likely of no use to a woman for a lifetime.
“Why is it so goddamned hot.”
“Oh dear I am going to miss my court date for disorderly conduct” rasped out through parched cracked and swollen lips.
The probie left to watch me die asks “what” I mumble some nonsense drawing him closer again “what” he finally leans close enough for me to strike and I do with all the force I can muster I spit the mouthful of blood that has gathered cleanly across his stupid awe struck face.
An unfamiliar sound is coming from my mouth deep in my chest. Hmmm what is that sound I remember it’s name but brain isn’t working so hot right now.
Ah yes yes yes its a laugh.
I am laughing
Ouch bloody hell
Not laughing anymore now it’s all about the coughing and gagging on blood the blood coming out is that deep red arterial (ya know the important) blood.
This sucks not the dying so much as the company and the goddamned heat makes it a shitty place to die.
Oh yeah stupid is here to make me look at him as I die. Joy to end all joys looking at his stupid face just wishing I could manage to spit again….. ah well can hope that when I do die I will void my bladder enough to get his shoes.
I am looking in stupid dull eyes waiting and at this point looking forward to dying to get away from the pain in my chest the stupid look on this morons face and mostly this fucking heat… When ol stupids eyes suddenly become duller (who would have thought that was possible) and falls face first to the ground to rest there (never realized your head could weigh so much till its being held up and suddenly dropped and damned if it don’t hurt) for a second until a big ass boot lands on the back of his skull and cracks it like a dry rotted egg shell scattering it’s contents all over my legs and my own boots(gross).

Blackness envelops me and I hear a a voice talking to me(well I assume it’s me)
“Our Father may be ready to let you shuffle off the coil but I think you could do more for my goals”
Awakening slowly (OK awake is probably a bit of a stretch for my condition) I smell smoke and hear banging from the corner of my eyes I see sparks showering up and out. I turn to see (OK not turning my head yet.)
Dammit all it is still hot!
A face appears before min it looks impossibly old and broad with a beard and mustache he shouts to someone out of sight “Han vil leve!” {he will live}
I drift off again.
I awake this time I think it might actually qualify as being awake.
The old face appears before me again.
“You appear to be recovering well, should please your father. Well as much as anything pleases him. Well if he actually experiences pleasure, grumpy bastard.”
I ask what I am doing here and where here is.
The wizened old face cracks a small smile.
“You are recovering from an ass
kicking. ” he says and here is my home”
“You live in a foundry? ) I croak.
He laughs a deep rolling belly laugh and speaks still giggling “of course I do where else should a dwarf live?”
I think to myself that perhaps my self diagnosis of being awake might have been a little premature.
Another waking again with less pain and more ability to move. The dwarf who finally decides to introduce himself as Pyracksis. He explains that my adopted father apparently a second adoption since my birth and this one without my knowledge or hell understanding. Well I digress he explains that my “father” adopted me as a Scion from his father the all father. OK further digression I may have to write this out to fully understand. Anyhow I was taken as his Scion to save my life and hopefully serve the greater cause of defeating the titans. There is a lot more catches and addendum that go with it but that’s the basics of it.
I have to ask why I was “adopted” apparently my nature and demeanor appealed to Vidar and seemed to distance me from Odin. Something to do with rather spit last breath than take it and plot and plan.
Anyhow it’s explained that I have the Ichor of the divine in my blood and grants me abilities and powers beyond most people.
Pyracksis further explains that my father chose Pyracksis to perform my education and indoctrination not because of a lack of interest but primarily because of his somewhat antisocial nature but did have high hopes for me ad his Scion and to showed me the gifts that my father had prepared for me.

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