Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Salton Liadon

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(Level 1; updated 11/6/2014)

Salton Liadon was always an outcast. As a young child he would hide in his study reading and truly absorbing the knowledge. While the other children would play in the spring grass Salton would read of ancient tombs and tactics. Even at such a young age the children recognized Salton was different. They would mock and criticize him. “If we are to live forever why spend all of your days studying? There will be days for that but not this day” they would shout. This only made Salton bury himself more in lost knowledge.


The day Salton learned his first cantrip was the happiest day of his life. As he read a tomb of cantrips Salton recited the lines ancient words. Salton felt like he was plunged into a river, fighting for his life and yet feeling the most alive he had ever felt. The book froze in his hand and quickly shattered. Salton hungered for that experience again, and like the old saying goes hunger begets hunger, soon he avidly searched for more knowledge each piece of information only leaving more questions. Salton soon devoted himself to the god of knowledge and spent decades praying for divine solutions for his pleas for more knowledge and power.


Salton was soon promised this with a dream he had after a long night of praying and learning. He was to be the hand of ogham and reclaim his lost temple. On this trip he was promised more and more power, and knowledge. Salton quickly left his only home with the bare essentials after a fare well celebration.


Salton knew the general location but nothing else. He soon realized he might need some gold to survive the long search and offered his information to a local mining venture. He joined a party of mercenaries, halfwits, and a priest worshiping a lesser god and the rest has already been told.


Salton constantly stays all of from the party part because his time serving ogham left him little time to practice social interactions and part because he is afraid of befriending them and then they mocking him. As he travels with him he finds it harder and harder to resist calling them friends, most likely because they have helped his cause but also something else. Maybe someday he might even call them family.

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