Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Sister Solace

Please do not be alarmed by my appearance.  I may resemble a creature of most sentient beings nightmares with my red skin, black horns and pointed tail but I assure you I am not.   Tieflings are no more innately evil than any other race, regardless of our history or the misapprehensions of others.  While it is true that some of my kind choose a path of darkness, I am not one of them.   I am a cleric of the God Pelor.  I try to live my life in the Light of the Shining One and spread his Light to others.  My name is Sister Solace.  You may simply call me Solace if you prefer.

     I was not born into the service of Pelor.  Indeed, I led a very different life in my early years.  But the mercy and compassion of the Sun Father pulled me from not only from the very brink of death but from the darkness of which I was overwhelmed.  When I was but ten years of age, Brother Arlyn found me unconscious and bleeding in the gutter of one of Neverwinter’s worst districts.  I had been horribly beaten and left to die.  My wounds had been severe and I still bear the scars upon my body.    But if not for the benevolence of that great man I would not be here before you today.  Most people would not think twice about leaving a Tiefling to die in the streets, even one so young.  Most would have done their best to ignore my need, especially in that part of town where need was a way of life.  But not Brother Arlyn. Rather, he called upon the aid of Pelor to heal the worst of my injuries and without thought to his clean, white robes, carried my blood covered, battered body to his temple.  There he mended not only my flesh but my soul.  Brother Arlyn was the first person to show me the meaning of real kindness without conditional demands or onus.  I did not know such a thing truly existed.  He was my introduction to a new life and inspired by his example I dedicated myself to the service of Pelor so that I too, might spread the light of good into the shadowed corners of this world.

Sister Solace’s given name was Solistrassa Lightbane.  The Lightbane family embraced their infernal history and tended to be a villainous gang swift to retaliate perceived slights with harsh violence.  They ruled a small area dubbed “The Pit” in one of the worst districts in Neverwinter and its residents lived in fear of them.   The patriarch of the family and father of Solace is Graggaryth Lightbane, a man with no pity and a malicious nature.  When Solace refused to willingly participate in a heinous ritual he beat her mercilessly.  When she still refused to capitulate, he beat her to within an inch of her life and threw her into the street as an example to all.  A death sentence or it would have been had it not been for the timely intervention of a cleric of Pelor.  He healed the child and took her back to his temple.  As he continued to nurse the girl back to health, he taught her all manner of things from baking to gardening.  He taught her medicine and herbs.  He also told her stories of his youth where he traveled the world spreading the Light of the Sun Father and opposing the forces of darkness.  The cleric had once asked her name when she was well enough to speak but the child grew frightened and shook her head no.  He called her “Little One” after that respecting her silence.  One day, after she was a bit older and fully recovered, she told her cleric friend that she had decided to take the name Solace and join the Order.  It was challenging time for her as the training was rigorous but Solace never wavered in her dedication.  She became one of the only Tiefling clerics of Pelor.

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