Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!



Jim is an 26 year veteran of playing RPG’s, Video games and the evolution of online gaming. Jim eats, drinks, blogs, podcasts, writes articles and both runs and plays in public and online gaming events at http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/ . He is the founder of the Creative play and podcast network and head story teller of the real play podcasts: D&D Journey of the fifth edition and Ragnarok and roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story. Currently Jim is reaching out to his Steampunk and Cosplay circles and adding interviews with talents in the Writing, prop making, Gaming and Cosplay communities and reports on Conventions on the new Creative play and podcast network.

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Jim currently has an active presence on World of Warcraft as his Monk ‘MaddMonk’ and Hunter ‘DarkhÙnter’ on Gorgonnash or his Mage ‘Arcanacabana’ on Dragonblight. On the PlayStation network under the log in Uanuiil he can be seen exploring the solar system and fighting the good fight in Destiny, Defiance and Black opsII. Currently you can also run into him twice a month at the local gaming store Tucson Games and Gadgets and monthly at Isles of Games running games.


Jim’s other interests lay in Outdoor activities Camping, hunting, gardening, Fishing, Boating, and hiking. For recreational sports Airsoft, target shooting drills and paint ball.


2 Comments to Jim

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Jim.
    First I have to say I love the shows you are a great DM. I was wondering if the creative play and podcast was going to start releasing Ragnarok and Roll again. I am dying to see what happens to the godlings. I am following Journey of the 5th Ed, and I was looking for your Star Wars game. Are there plans to podcast anymore games? I would love to be a patreon member, but as a married college student with 3 kids I don’t have the extra money to donate. I wish I did I love what your gang is doing.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Thomas!

      Thanks!!!! It’s always great to hear good feedback! the Ragnarok crew has been having a murderous time getting together due to a fimbulwinter’s worth of health issues, work issues and school scheduling issues. We actually are going to be doing a prequel campaign with some of the group leading up to the old crew coming back as Demigods! We’ll be recording the first session this month actually.

      He’s where you can find the star wars games:
      Sith of the Old Republic
      Galaxy at War- A Clone Wars era Star Wars Game

      We’re definitely doing more games!
      on our Patreon spot we’ve already start a mini group playing Mutant Year Zero (Mutants seeking out their history and place in the world).
      We’ll have a collection of Mutants and Masterminds sessions starting this month as well.

      and I’m posting tonight a goal on our Facebook/patreon that

      if we hit 20 backers Mutants and Masterminds will be an ongoing Podcast with its own site/RSS (so its not cluttering up the CPPN one)

      if we hit 30 backers we know a lot of folks have asked for another D&D game and one shots so we would do another biweekly game (Most likely slightly evil aligned characters), and one Live streamed game on my Facebook page!

      and if we hit 40 backers all our Star wars stuff and a new weekly game would start (Orphans of Order 66 a group of padawans who survived and are on the run!).

      we’re currently at 11 backers so we’ll see how things go over the next few month!

      Your support and compliments mean the world and Thank you! you can help by sharing us with your friends, good ratings on itunes and other podcast sites as well as joining in on conversations on Facebook, youtube, an Amazon links we share, here at the cppn site, & patreon (you dont need to donate just make a log on to join in our conversations and most of our stuff posts for everyone to read!) remember all the new silly algorithms now a days hides small groups that don’t chat much so just dropping by and saying hi helps ;D

      Thanks man I enjoyed hearing from you!!!

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