Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Star Wars

So here we are building an Old republic Galaxy, so for my players and those who will listen to the inevitable podcast I’m offering to let you join in the ‘Galacy ‘ building. Though a ton of material exsists between the awesone videos above and Wookiepidia. I’m looking for something a little more close to base before our characters are made al la Dresden files  style world building:

Heres what I’m looking for either in the comments or via email send up a Threat and Theme that’s Star wars based

A Galaxy, Far, Far, Full, Full of Problems…

Old Republic Themes & Threats

We need all sorts of problems that the Players will have to contend with.

Themes are problems that have been around for a long time, long enough that people almost take them for granted. Threats, on the other hand, are problems new to the city—sometimes so new that hardly anyone knows about them.

Themes of the Old Republic

theme is a statement about something that recurs in the stories we tell about a city. It could be something that the mortal population tells about themselves and their city, or it might be something that the supernatural denizens talk about behind the scenes.

  • Some themes are general, things everyone talks about (even if not everyone is directly affected). After the great war the worst elements have surfaced in the Galaxy “Scum and Villainy.”
  • Some themes are more specific to a group. A smuggler moon with a notorious fraternity of Pirate troublemakers might have “Set out from Shadowport NhasiIf and you might get lost before your destination”
  • Some themes are about cautionary tales people tell ” Wander the streets of Mos Shuuta and you’ll end up Teemo’s play thing” is a theme.

Themes should feel solid and difficult to get rid of. If a single being is the mastermind behind some theme, and defeating that person would change the Galaxy overnight, it’s probably not strong enough to be a theme. Someone else should always be around to fill a vacuum of power left by the Player Character’s—thus, dealing with a theme is about something bigger than any single conflict.

Threats to a Galaxy/Planet

On the other hand, the Galaxy’s threat is a single being, creature, group, or even a condition or circumstance that makes (or wants to make) life in the Galaxy or Planet worse for the occupants. Sometimes this threat comes from outside, like a Creature from the Outer Rim. Sometimes it comes from inside, like a vengeful father who has decided to dabble in the Darkside.

  • Some threats are beings that have no clear agenda (at least, not right away), but make their presence known through their collateral damage “A new Sith lord is breaking the rules of the Treaty of Coruscant.”
  • Some threats give you an idea of their agenda, such as “The Mandilorians are expanding their territory into this sector.”
  • Some threats are bizarre and more metaphysical than real, though they don’t threaten mortals any less, such as “The Hutts are using this city in their machinations.”

Threats should feel like someone is behind them that the Player Characters can get to, either right away or over time. Maybe the way they deal with the problem is to talk and use deception, diplomacy, or fight and use the force, but in any case there should be someone or some group of people responsible. Stick with a single sentence, like we did above, and I’ll  fill in the rest of the details.


Theme: “Galaxy of Crisis and Conflict”

This whole affair is endemic of the current crisis. The Sith are on the rise. We are on the wane. The Mandalorians and the Hutts stand between us, creating confusion and jostling for advantage. Our options are limited. If we do nothing, millions of people die. If we fight back, we engage with them at their level.―Padawan Shigar Konshi

Threat: “Civil War on Ord Mantel

One such conflict was the Civil War on Ord Mantell between the corrupt planetary government that remained loyal to the Republic and a guerrilla force of separatists wishing to secede








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