Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

The World of Thellandia

The Fantasy World all our own built on D&D 5th edition:


Core assumptions

Gods oversee the world. The gods are real and embody aspects of the world. Some may refuse the Gods but none can deny they exist!

Much of the World is untamed. City-states, confederacies and kingdoms dot the land scape but beyond their domains the wilds crowd in.

The World is Ancient. Empires have risen and fallen Chaos reigns when civilizations fall and ancient civilizations live on in legends, magic items and ruins.

Conflict Shapes the Worlds History. Those with power seek to leave their mark. Factions include religions controlled by the charismatic priests, kingdoms ruled by lasting dynasties and shadowy societies that seek long lost power and knowledge. Some seek to preserve the world and usher in it golden age while others move towards evil ends seeking to rule or burn the world!

The World is Magical. Though a fraction of any population practitioners of magic abound and mystical items from the common healing potion to the rarest legendary relic are parts of everyday stories and songs. Magic is real and magic abounds.

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