Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Gods oversee the world (Religion)

Gods oversee the world. The gods are real and embody aspects of the world. Some may refuse the Gods but none can deny they exist!

Here are the known Gods of Thellandia:

Lawful Good: Civilization and order.

Rao God of peace and reason

Bahamut dragon God of good

Garl glittergold gnome patron trickery/wiles

Moradin dwarf God of creation

Yondalla halfling goddess fertility and protection

Heironious God of chivalry/valor

Tyr God of justice


Neutral Good: Freedom and kindness.

Chauntea goddess of agriculture

Eldath goddess of peace

Olladra goddess of good fortune

Arawai goddess of fertility

Branchala God of music

Ehlonna goddess of woodlands

Pelor God of sun and healing

Avandra goddess of change/good fate/traveling


Chaotic Good: Freedom and kindness.

Corellon elf God of art magic

Rillifane rallathil wood elf God of nature

Sehanine moonbow elf goddess of the moon

Kord God of athletes and sports

Sune goddess of love and beauty

Dol dorn God of Str of arms

The spirits of the past, ancestors


Lawful Neutral: Having no alignment; not taking a stand.

Wee jas  goddess of magic/death

Savras God of divination and fate

Azuth God of wizards


Neutral: Having no alignment; not taking a stand.

Erathis goddess of civilization/muse of invention

Sirrion God of fire/change

Shinare goddess of trade (trickery)

Obadhai God of nature

Boccob God of magic

Oghma God of knowledge

Balinor God of beasts/the hunt

Semuanya lizard man God of survival

Melora goddess of wilderness and the sea

Raven Queen Goddess of Death, Fate, and Winter.


Chaotic Neutral: Having no alignment; not taking a stand.

The traveler deity of Change/ chaos

Ralishaz God of ill luck/insanity

Olidammara God of revelry

Leira  goddess of illusions

Mask God of thieves


Chaotic Evil Entropy and destruction

Thrym  God of frost Giants /str

Lolth drow goddess of spiders

Laogzed troglodytes God of hunger

Hruggek bugbear God of violence

Gruumsh orc God of storms/war

Grolantor hill giants God of war

Umberlee goddess of the sea

Talona goddess of disease and poison

Malar God of the hunt

Luz God of pain /oppression


 Neutral Evil Tyranny and hatred.

Vecna God of evil secrets

Incabulos God of plague and famine

The reaper (mykul) God of death

Auril goddes of winter

Bhaal God of murder


Lawful Evil Tyranny and hatred.

Tiamat dragon goddess wealth/trickery

Sekolah sahuagin God of the hunt

Maglubiyet goblin God of war

Kurtulmak kobold God of war/mining

Sargonnas God of vengeance/fire

Takhisis goddess of night and hatred

Bane God of tyranny

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