Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Poly Hero Dice – Wizard Set Review

By Kellie

If I could only use one word to describe the Poly Hero Dice Wizard Set, it would be enchanting! The Poly Hero dice folk take the normal polyhedral gaming dice sets we know and love and craft them into class specific items or accouterments.

For example, a simple d20 becomes a mysterious orb, a run of the mill d12 turns into a magic wand and ordinary percentile dice are transformed into potion bottles. How cool is it to roll for damage on a Fireball spell with five d6 dice in the shape of flaming red fireballs? The answer is VERY!

(Below: Look at our sets on the table at our latest Circus Chimera game session)


These character driven dice add another level of immersion and fun to a game driven by imagination. I am of course, a self-proclaimed dice addict. I love dice in all variety of colors, sizes and now shapes! They can take a few rolls to get used to the feel and rhythm as their shapes are dramatically different from traditional dice but who doesn’t like to warm up a new set of dice before a game anyways? In my humble opinion, every time I roll my Poly Hero Dice, they give me another opportunity to put the “Role” back in role playing.

We also own the earlier Warrior Set too! Check these out:

(Previous sets Include the Poly Hero Dice – Warrior Set which included 1 D20 Shield,
1 D12 Helmet, 2 D10 Gauntlets, 1 D8 Mace, 1 D6 Sword, 1 D4 Dagger)

I definitely rate this a CRITICAL Hit and a natural 20all the way!

Also if you hurry now you can get in on the awesome Poly Hero Dice – Rogue Set that’s on Kickstarter now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/polyherodice/polyhero-dice-rogue-set

6 Comments to Poly Hero Dice – Wizard Set Review

  1. Kellie says:

    Only 59 hours left back the Rogue Set on Kickstarter 🙂

  2. Christopher says:

    How are they for balance? I look at them, and get a little suspicious that they will not favor a side or a number with all the extra bumps and ridges.

    • Jim says:

      Christopher, you have a great point. I think we should have Kellie do a review test roll and roll them 100 times and check the results!


  3. Kellie says:

    Well at first I thought the dice hated me as the orb always rolled low but the last game I rolled 2 natural twenties! Most of them seem OK for their balance, though I do not generally have much need to roll the D12 while gaming so I have not tried it as often. The D8 does have a tendency to keep rolling if the surface is not completely flat. The shapes do not lend themselves to use with a Dice Tower but I may have to try rolling with a dice cup sometime. As for a 100 test rolls, how about we start with 10 and work our way up? 😉

  4. Jim says:

    Maybe this weekend we can do the Salt water balance test on the dice and make a mini video of it 😉

  5. Christopher says:

    I think that the point of dice is that you do not know what the number it winds up with will be. It sounds like these dice accomplish that goal, so they win.

    I have a set of “pirate dice” 6 sided dice with protrusions on the corners to make it look like bones. It is very cool and I added them to my copy of Rum & Pirates because it fit the theme. There is a feller I know who is very gamerly and refuses to use those dice even on a light and silly a game as rum & pirates. It invaded my brain as a host, and now whenever I see non-standard/non-uniform dice, it always makes me question.

    So really, please do not necessarily track 100 rolls because that would be tedious and if you are anything like me you will just roll the dice 100 times, which is not the same as rolling in the heat of the game. (tension, mood, thrust all make variables that you cannot reproduce in the experimental setting.)

    The fitting in a dice tower makes a difference though. I LOVE dice towers, and have purchased a relatively fancy one if I ever get to play live in person D&D and/or Dungeon World.

    Regardless of everything I have said thus far, I agree 100% that they are unique and definitely add to the immersion. I can totally see myself buying them just for display…except then I would have to display my dice and oh my goodness, do you have any idea what happens once I decide I am going to be a dice collector?

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