Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

A Tale of Two Suns


To Begin with look for these two Suns! At this spot you should find the Chronicler.  She will guide you through filling out your card and displaying it for others to see.



be prepared to let your faction know you are with them by giving your character’s name a descriptor, type, and focus to complete the sentence.

For example:

Name:’(adjective) (noun), who (verb/action)!’
As one once said of The Traveler: ‘a pandimensional Traveler who saves worlds!’

Or his counterpart serving The Darkness, The Whisper of the Darkness: ‘ a corrupter of darkness, who blots out worlds!’


These words will help define and aid you in conflict and quests around Two Suns and insure your factions inevitable victory!

Upon filling out your card and picking a faction, the Chronicler will take your information down in her ledger. When you fill out the car, be sure to leave the bottom ½” open for punches from quests.


…and provide you your first life and a pair of power cards


‘I have but one life to give… oh there’s more.’

Scattered about TusCon you will find Power up cards and Health cards.  If someone defeats you in a duel you will have to forfeit your heart token (or a found heart card).  You will be unable to continue unless you find another Heart card or visit the Chronicler and give her the record of your defeat.  She will have more heart cards.


‘I Have the POWER!’

Speaking of Power up cards, they are scattered around TusCon and carried by the Guardians and Generals.  Those carried by the Guardians and Generals are stronger power up cards than can simply be found.  They can be earned as rewards for defeating Guardians and Generals or when you turn in extra Hearts to the Chronicler. (1 heart turned in for each +1, i.e. 3 hearts = a +3 Power up card up to a +3 card)


(Red numbered cards are from Guardians and Generals)

Through the Con, we will have quests and puzzles to solve. The Chronicler will have a list and the Guardians and Generals will let those of their faction know of quests throughout the weekend.



Also Keep an eye out, it seems the Whisper has released a poisonous, diseased creature into the Con. As a counter measure, the Traveler has released its natural hunter to find and destroy it:


For the Dark Suns, if you find the Spider- kill it and give it’s corpse to the Whisper.  However, for the Golden Suns, find the insect and capture it and return it to the Traveler to dispose of it. They may reappear each night.


The Summoning:
 Meet and greet with The Traveler (Fri, 1600-1700), Meet and greet with The Whisper (Fri, 2000-2100)

Through the convention please check in with the faction leaders, The Chronicler or  http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/tale-of-two-suns/ for the latest on Rumors and Clues.


Dark Suns (Whisper’s faction) attack The Traveler (all morning through noon on Saturday) for extra loot.

Golden suns (Travelers faction) attack The Whisper (noon through midnight on Saturday) for extra loot.

Brunch with the Traveler Saturday morning 1000-1045, feel free to join him and perhaps a friendly game of cards.

Attack the opposing faction’s leadership: generals/guardians (Throughout the weekend).

Solve one or more of 4+ puzzles hidden in the Con (Saturday and Sunday the Chronicler will have clue to the puzzles locations).

Selfie/photo scavenger hunt (TBA)
Race to steal the others ‘circle of power’ this is toward the end scheduled for 1800 Sunday night


Due to the demands of Space and Time the Chroniclers table will be available between:

Friday 1500-1700 & 1800-1845

Saturday 1000-1200 & 1400-1700

Sunday 1100-1300 & 1600-1800

Please keep the Chronicler abreast of your wins and losses.

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