Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Rules of the Game

Basic Rules:
Every player carries a deck of ten playing cards (2-10 & Ace), and power up cards that will be found across the Convention area and given out by certain convention staff and participants.

To begin a challenge, one can ‘call out’ a member of the opposite faction. If the ‘challenged’ foe agrees, you exchange ‘decks’ for inspection and shuffling, return the shuffled decks.  Each of you will then draw and place 3 cards, one at a time, across from their opponent.  After all the cards are drawn, starting with the attacker, each player may add a power up card, adding a bonus of +1 to +5.

   Players compare total scores on each of the three cards.  The best two out of the three passes is the winner and the victor gets one of the vanquished foe’s health cards. You must have at least one health card to be able to duel. Upon losing your last Health card you must find a Power up Card and turn it into one of the Rejuvenation sites. The Traveler has summoned Mystical & Technological means of bringing the Vanquished back to life so seek these out if you are defeated in battle too many times.

Spending your spoils:
Victors can turn in Health cards and trade them for additional Power cards (only one can be used to raise a single cards total), one card for each +1 (3 Health cards= a +3 power card; +4 &+5 are only found or earned through Quests and defeating faction leaders).

Treasure Cards:
Can be turned into leaders of your faction for random Power cards.

Forming teams:
Some fights might require you to band up with fellow members of your faction, both the Traveler and the Whisper require a team of four members to face in a duel, but beware they are dangerous to face, losing to them costs you both a health and a power card!

Numerous quests will be required during the Adventure, the first of which is to seek out scattered Power cards, gifting you and your faction aid in combat and preparing for the challenges ahead.


Through the convention please check in with the faction leaders,   http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/tale-of-two-suns/ for the latest on Rumors and Clues

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