Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Tale of the Two sides of the Two Suns

Below is a brief history of those you’ll meet in the Tale of Two suns:


The Tale of Two Suns goes back countless ages when two opposing forces, one of life and creation, the other of destruction and darkness came to an impasse and the barging known as the Accords were created. These powers of creation and destruction would choose from the limitless expanse of time and space two champions who in turn would fight in fields of battle in their choosing for either the worlds continued existence or inevitable destruction. Victors of the previous challenge can state the terms of battle and these must be maintained or the breaker of such rules will be banished eternally unbound by space and time drifting through the expanse of creation.

The Current Champion of creation is The Traveler, a mysterious pandimensional traveler who has seen the birth as well as the death of this world, many deaths in fact of none we know of due to the Travelers actions and his chosen Guardians.


                                                                The Traveler

The Guardians of the Golden sun are those the Traveler has chosen through out time, space and dimensions to aid in his challenges to protect and preserve life. Every challenge chance plays its part by bringing new defenders to aid the good fight, let us hope for future generations they are the defenders we all need!

The Guardians:

 Madame Askew, an amazing women and known her propensity to show up at tea duels across time and space.


                                                             Madame Askew




The Current Champion of Darkness is The Whisper, an ominous creature of endless darkness who seeks to return everything to the limitless perfection and solitude of the absolute nothingness of the abyss. Still reeling from his last defeat at the hand of the Traveler and his ilk this being will hold nothing back.   

The Generals of the Black sun are those evil and depraved enough to be ripped from time, space and across the multiverse to aid in his challenges to destroy and corrupt existence. Every challenge the whispers master lets chance a play its part to bring freshly corrupted to aid in destruction, perhaps the creeping darkness will win and life will be ended for all but the darkest souls under the two suns!

The Generals:

 Alchemystic, the poisoner of worlds has traveled to many worlds spreading her poisonous concoctions tainting all who cross her path, though she seems sweet and endearing beware when she leaves thank you gifts in the form of food, drink or miasma!



 Captain Amara Deegan, This lovely dread pirate Captain Amara has pillaged through time and space wielding and arming countless cut throats with weapons of her own creation and design. Beware walking the plank is the least dreadful fate to befall her prey.


                                                               Captain Amara

 The most mysterious being of all seen at these challenges but serving neither side is The Chronicler! A being who has observed and judged the Challenges from the Beginning of Accords. No one is sure what she is but it is known she sees all and is consumed with reading, watching and recording events that occur. before anyone can champion there faction they must seek out the Chronicler and have there information scribed in her ledger. 

Seek her out to have your victories and defeats recorded, for the victors she sometimes has rewards depending on the number of victories and and trophies you turn into her. 


                                                             The Chronicler

2 Comments to Tale of the Two sides of the Two Suns

  1. long lost sister to the Alchemystic....... The Malefica Medicus says:

    Malefica Medicus: a.k.a. Luna Lupine loves her sister, the Alchemystic and struggles to remain neutral ( as all agents of nature must be ).

    • Alchemystic says:

      Dearest Sister! I rejoice that you have found me across the Aether! I too, pine for the day we can clasp hands once more. Give up your struggle and come to the dark side…..we have tea and cookies! 😉

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