Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!


Podcast Recording Services

Based in Tucson, Arizona, we travel to locations around the Old pueblo to record audio on location such as podcasts, training products, lectures, one-off audio guides, trade shows, poetry recitals, audio books, hypnotherapy CD’s, and corporate interviews.

Our location recording service is flexible and can be used for a number of purposes. We come to your location with professional recording equipment to record one or more people for the purpose of producing a finished audio program.

Whether the audio is for promotion or marketing, educational, souvenir or just record of an event, we can record for a number of scenarios in various locations. We also have the skills to mix and match audio from a number of locations into one audio file.

On completion of the location recording session, we edit the raw material back at our production studio to produce a professional sounding piece of audio and deliver it for your approval.

The Location Recording Experience

We provide an on location recording service where we come to you and record your podcast material with the minimum of hassle. Typically, our service avoids the stress and hassle that can be involved in going to a recording studio.

We have a one-take policy, which means that we just keep recording and edit out mistakes during the editing / production stage. Recording on location means that you can do as many retakes as you like and we will sort out the edits back at our production suite.

When we are happy with the sonic quality of the audio, we send you a downloadable version for your approval. We can then tweak it until you are completely happy with it.


Who can use this Recording Service?

Anyone who wants to have a professional podcast or audio program recorded. This could be for corporate podcasts, meetings, training, interviews, sporting events, anything that you need recorded on location.


Podcast Recording Services

Podcasting is the term used to describe the act of broadcasting audio content online.

Podcasts are usually created in a series or as a season and are rarely one off events.

Many amateur podcasters record their own podcasts in order to develop a fan base whereas business podcasts tend to be produced to a much higher quality with the aim of attracting new clients and business by developing brand awareness and demonstrating expertise and openness via the podcast platform.

This form of media is most effective when it provides good and useful information that is given freely with minimal sales content.

Although it is possible to sell podcasts, this is usually only achieved by high profile individuals, for example, Ricky Gervais had a very successful podcast that started free and then became a paid for download as soon as they realized that it would generate revenue.

For people / companies with a lesser profile you can still sell podcasts, however, it is often more accepted to repackage these as courses or premium content.

A podcast needs to be delivered via an RSS compliant website using scalable hosting, which is best achieved with a custom built WordPress blog using cloud hosting.

If you would like to discuss the feasibility of your podcast let’s have a chat today.

Rates (All prices are subject to Taxation)

Rates vary depending on your specific requirements, however, here is a guide based on recording 2 people:

For basic editing:

Cutting off unwanted silence or noise at the beginning and/or the end of a recording

Mixing in pre-arranged music

Mild splicing and noise reduction

Usually these types of audio edits take about 2 hours or less, depending on size.

1 session – $200. Each

2 sessions – $175. each

3 sessions – $165. each

4 sessions or more – $150. each

10 sessions or more $125 each

If you need more advanced editing- +$20. each

We go through the entire recording and cut out uh’s and um’s and other unwanted noises

Cut out sections, splice things together

Add multiple tracks of music or add voice-over’s, etc.

Usually these types of audio edits take about 2 – 6 hours, depending on size.

Additional Recording / Editing Time

A session is up to 75 mins. If you decide to extend your podcast recording during the session you can do so.

This is charged as follows

+30 mins – From $20

+60 mins – From $40

Please note an hour of additional recording will also require at least 1 hour of additional editing.

Contact Us to Book Your Session



Podcasting Extras:

Royalty free music

As priced on our Media sites:





Custom written music must be provided.


Voice actors providing a professional voice over (intro, outro etc)

Single sentence from $10

Two sentences from $15

Three sentences from $25

More than 3 sentences – quote available on request

Podcasts using voice over, music, editing & additional sound effects is available on request/Quote.


Trade Events, Conventions, Exhibitions and Seminars

Our location recording service is ideal for trade events, Conventions,  exhibitions and seminars.

We can roam the event with you while you chat to / interview your exhibitors and attendees.

While video is a Great medium for this type of event, audio podcasts have some major benefits: –

Some people don’t wish to appear on camera but will be interviewed in audio

Audio is great for listening during downtime and can be listened to while multitasking… working in the office, travelling to work etc.

A well recorded podcast of an event, exhibition or seminar can really capture the atmosphere and paint a thousand pictures in the mind of the listener.

Audio can be paired with Pictures on YouTube to make a free formed show.



Podcast Voiceovers

If you don’t want to be recorded live but would still like to get started podcasting, there is an alternative option. You could use professional voice overs to voice your podcasts, which we can arrange for you, we have a range of professional voice overs to record your podcast script. Our experienced voice overs can act as the host of your podcast show, recording as much or as little of its content as you like, such as an introduction or ending to the show.

Recording and distributing a professional sounding podcast will endorse your company’s professionalism and brand significantly. Our podcast voices and experienced audio producers can help you create a podcast worthy of representing your company.


Contact us for more details.

Audiobook Production

If your audio book is too large for you to record on location or you just don’t like the thought of narrating it yourself, we have a team of professional voice overs available for recording audio.

Please get in touch for advice.


Podcast safe Music & Sound Effects

Choosing music for your podcast is very important. No business podcaster wants to get into trouble by violating international copyright law.

Do not worry, we have a huge library of royalty free music and royalty free sound effects for podcasts available via Media Music Now,


Ordering / Payments

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Bookings are subject to availability on a first come first served basis and will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

If extra time is needed for editing or recording, this can be added on an ad hoc basis, however, full payment will be required before audio master files are delivered.


Audio provided for assessment and editing purposes will be watermarked with a copyright notice. These watermarks will be removed upon receipt of payment.


Bulk bookings can be arranged as a pre-agreed standing order schedule against proposed booking dates.


Cancellations and Rescheduling

At least 7 working days’ notice is required for cancellations or rescheduled bookings. Booking a session(s) means that a chunk of time is allocated to your booking. If you reschedule or cancel with short notice we cannot simply reallocate that time and this represents a loss of income to our business. For this reason we reserve the right to retain the booking fee if you cancel with short notice. Rescheduled bookings must be rescheduled within 60 days.


Before booking a session with us please make sure this date is definite. We operate on a tight schedule and as our income is generated from our time we ask that you respect and understand this before making a booking. You are booking the service of our time which, unlike a physical product cannot be returned for a refund.


Completion Times

Once we have recorded your live material, we will schedule in editing time to get your initial proofs back to you as quickly as possible. We work on numerous audio projects simultaneously, which means that we have to efficiently schedule editing and production times in order to consistently deliver a high standard product.

We aim to deliver proofs to you within 5 working days; however, this can often be much sooner, typically 2-3 working days for single podcast bookings. If there is anything that may cause unforeseeable delays beyond 5 working days, we will inform you straightaway.

If you need your audio quickly, please inform us prior to your recording session. We will do our best to accommodate by booking your editing time well in advance.


Coverage, Travel & Parking

We are based in Tucson and currently only provide this service within the Southern Arizona region, but will consider travelling further afield on a case by case basis. Any parking, toll or congestion charges incurred will be added to your bill.


 Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is a specialist business area of its own. As an audio recording and production company, we do not offer podcast marketing services; we only produce the audio. If you are interested in using a third party marketing company, we would be happy to advise you on what to look for.

It is possible to do your own podcast marketing if you do not wish to hire a third party specialist company. If this is your chosen route, we can provide you with some resources and blog articles to get you headed in the right direction. Hosting As with podcast marketing, hosting is a specialist area that we don’t cater for, however, we would be happy to have an exploratory chat with you and possibly point you in the right direction depending on your specific requirements.


Contact Us

We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful customer support so if you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.


Call us to find out more about our service and prices. We are part of the Creative play and podcast network and our office is open from 10:30 to 16:00 Monday through Friday.

Artistic Photo Editing

$5 per image

Our Phase 1 Artistic Edit uses the professionally color corrected version of your image and elevates its vibe and appearance far above the rest. You will shriek with joy! This service is perfect for Best Of, Slideshows, and BLOG posts.

Based on your style preferences we will take an accurately color processed image and apply professional Photoshop techniques that will make your images sing and dance! This service specifically provides for editing techniques such as:

Creative saturation & contrast maneuvers, black & white and sepia tone effects, basic dodging & burning appropriations, and other basic special effects and actions. Our clients who use slideshows and blogging as a part of their regular marketing efforts tend to use this service for each event. 30-40 images per event seem to be the average.


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