Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!


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Cosplay Melee rolls a Natural 20! [spoiler free]

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Yvette Nicole Brown is my new queen of Awesome!
“It’s not just Melee it’s Cosplay Melee!”

Now to be honest we’ve always loved her as well as whenever she was a guest on the couch on Talking dead!

I love the diversity were seeing in the cosplayers they picked for the pilot episode!
I love contestants first words about Cosplay:
“Cosplay is Empowering!”
“cosplay let’s me come out of my Shell!”

Theme for the Cosplay: Space Opera!

Part one: Design a head dress for your Cosplay! 8 hours and Go!
Honestly I’m loving seeing how other Cosplayers are making a Character from the ground up on the fly. Each round more and more costume and character details solidify.

Inspirations mentioned: Chronicles of Riddick, xwing pilot meet Tie fighter helmet, to Guardians of the Galaxy! All great choices for inspiration.

My first thought was “OMG yards and yards of Worbla!!!!!

The Judges

Leeanna Vamp beings the Cosplay experience, Christian Beckman the fabricator eye and Yvette Nicole Brown brings all the Fan love and passion to what looks to be an fantastic addition to the SyFy lineup!

Part Two: Take a real world item to add a specific addition to the Cosplay and finish the build over two days!

Some of my favorite quotes:
“Ample boosums of awesomeness!”
“Hey, I’m a police officer, I can also handle a huge weapon!”
“…True to the Star War Universe and True to the Character!”

All the L-200 foam!!! Yep I’m going to be keeping these episodes to rewatch when working on our cosplay builds like next months Harry Potter Wands I need to make for a party theme.

I’m loving how cool and helpful the judges are when they come by and check out the Cosplayer projects in round two.

Now for the reveal & judging

I loved these comments from the judges:

“You are Insane!”
“I want to talk about the gun!”
“That to me Blows my mind!”
“I am chilled to the bone!”
“Head to toe, Amazing look!”

The intergalactic cosplay battle was fierce and seeing everyone support each other was exemplary!

[Easter eggs]

Steampunk Futurama!

Watch the Star Wars fan movie “Redemption”

…and next week Game of Thrones!



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What is Cosplay?

I know on the podcasts we toss around the term Cosplay a lot and the other day I was asked “What is Cosplay?” and that question has a ton of answers and I’m definitely interested in what it means to you.


        (Tucson Comic Con 2015)

But first lets see what the Google machine says:

“Cosplay, a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture and a broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role-playing in venues apart from the stage.”


That’s a very vague and yet perfect definition of Cosplay, I know folks who Cosplay for their LARPS (Live Action Role Players), Comic con goers who enjoy dressing up as their favorite heroes, to professional performers who Cosplay professionally (And yes that’s living the dream, but not easy work!). Cosplay is something fun and whimsical but can be such hard work with only the reward of some stranger coming up and asking to take your picture as some younglings look on in awe and smiles.

Oh who am I kidding that’s the best reason ever to do anything to see the awe and magic in littles ones eyes as they see their heroes and villains in real life!

I’ve have friends in great Cosplay groups who always try and give back to the community and on thing that I love about Cosplayers in general is that we are all fans of something!

Here a few of my favorite Cosplay groups in Tucson:


The Dune sea Garrison – the Rebel version of the 501st, a Star Wars Cosplay group that do a lot of great charities

The Tucson Steampunk Society– you may have heard that name tossed around ;D This is our local Steampunk Cosplay group who have event through the year locally as well as going out of state as a group together!

Tucson Cosplayers Network– a great Facebook group where we can plan Comic con invasions and photoshoots as well as talking to other folks about great photographers, tips and fandom.

and this is just my top three! Tucson and Phoenix have great Cosplay communities as well as the astonishing San Diego Steampunk Society!


What’s Cosplay mean to you?






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