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The Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!

Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!
Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games.
Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue…), and Judi (The loved Noble elven Wizard). 
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“If only I was in my prime!”
“I don feel pain…”
“She knows the gender of the…”
“Your not looking at me I’m hiding!”
“There’s a HIIIIIISSsssssss….”

Two lovers who have long been under the same umbrella are finally kissing and getting truly together!

Dungeon & Dragons and Magic the Gathering are finally mingling their intellectual property, In a great article on Magic.Wizard.com HERE. The beautiful “adventure world” of magic “The Plane of Zendikar” where groups of brave and daring adventures delve into dungeons and search for lost wonders of bygone ages lied in the roots of our beloved D&D. Wizard of the Coast are finally officially letting Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Dungeons and Dragons get into bed together and I think it’s going to be awesome!

If you do get a chance to look through The Art of Magic The Gathering: Zendikar you’ve seen the BEAUTIFUL art that MTG has collected from near and far to flesh out the card game, and I for one enjoyed looking at it to get visual references for stuff I use in D&D Journey of the Fifth edition, especially with the new group “The lady Knights of Adventure” (who’s first episode I’ll be posting next week!).

Well Back to the big news! Wizard has published an almost official free pdf of the game world and different things belonging to it! Currently its 38 pages long and comes with the caveat of “The mechanics in this supplement are usable in your D&D campaign but are not fully tempered by playtests and design iterations. For these reasons, Material in this supplement is not legal in D&D Organized Play events”. But hey totally cool to use in your games. I know I so want to run a few One-Shot trilogies ( a One Shot, Three session game: 12-18 hours of gameplay).

The Races included are the Humans (a strong militarized force scattered about), the Kor (a Tall, slener ivory skinned race associated with white mana and magic communicating with hand signs), MerFolk (More aquatic race love! Natural scholars and amphibious explorers), Vampires (I’m super excited about this one actually, I so want to kill a group of players and bring them back as vampires!!!! Though in this context:“The vampires of Zendikar are not undead. Rather, their unique nature comes from an eldritch disease that turns their flesh cold, makes their gray or purple skin feel dead to the touch, and enables them to drain energy from the blood of other living creatures”), GOBLINS! (Ok I love running goblin player groups, since slowly groups evolve into goblin play style =D, and the tree tribes have great abilities!), elves (I love the different ‘Nations’ of elves! Mask of the wild and the Death and poison dealing Mul Daya Nation!)! All of this adds great flavor text and a ton of new options for your D&D games!!!!

Then comes the Beastiary adding local flavor to monster manual classics like Angels, Griffins and more. Wait till your players look at the Felidars!!!! They will fall in love with this as a possible mount! (“Felidars consent to be ridden only by knights they consider virtuous.”) Krakens have been released! These massive lightning tossing Jr Chuthulu’s will be the storm giants of the sea! By the way you’ll really enjoy the Troll Picture in here! You’ll love how at the end they give great advise on how to redress and repurpose other monsters for the use of Lesser Eldrazi.

Definitely check this out and download a copy while it here, since you never know how long till it gets to the D&D DriveThru RPG site!

Thank you Wizard of the Coast for letting these IP’s merge for us fans of both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering!





D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 30- All Hail the Saviors of Red Larch show notes & pictures!

This was a really fun Game session this past Saturday! Sorry we had serious issues staying on track in game but it was a fun time with adding Brittany and Nicole to the group (and getting to talk about the new D&D group ‘The Lady Knights of Adventure!’). Plus it was so cool Jess popped into watch us play!

4 19 2

(Tucson Games and Gadgets the CPPN’s unofficial home away from home!)

4 19 1

(The ‘Before’ picture of the Tucson Games and Gadgets Auction that was going on while we played!)

Please Help Name the Player Group? We’re looking for some cool like ‘The Unlikely Fellowship’ you all suggested last time! email us at Creativeplaypodcastnetworknet or Twitter at @CreativePPNet

Quotes from the show, What others did you like? Share in the comments below.  Here  is those Pictures I promised!

“A Doll house for D&D”

“We love you Dwarf Forge!”

“… Hero Forge.”

4 19 4

(Nicole’s Awesome personalized mini!)

“We have the wall of cleavage and large feet!”

4 19 5

4 19 8

(Joclyn’s OCD dice and the ‘Wall’  =D )

“The Larch!” (you know they have to say it at least one ;) )

4 19 9 4 19 10

(a Tough day for the GM’s ‘Bigger Blacker Dice of DOOM!’ I got for my birthday =( )

If you’re interested yes we are always like when folks interested in gaming come hang out with us and watch us game (It’s the next best way to get new gamers aside from kidnapping friends to game nights or cool events like on April 30th International Tabletop gaming day.  In fact we’ll be at Tucson Games and Gadgets on Saturday the 30th. =D

How can I help the podcast!

Today I got asked a great question on Twitter from a long time listener of our Scion RPG Ragnarok & Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story podcast asked me how to help the group keep making more podcasts? I actually been asked this once or twice and figured I should write up something in all the ways we all can help keeping our podcasts and YouTube channel making content and share cool stuff:

1 We need to keep enjoying making cool stuff! If you know me you know I’m always up for sharing cool things and willing to burn the midnight oil editing stuff and I’ll keep at it hoping to have the podcast as an actual full time paying gig!

2 Share what you love! We love sharing and please if you can share our podcasts, Meme’s  and videos. Also shoot us feedback, I know the group love the links, jokes and questions fans send into us! Speaking of which we need another cast Q&A soon, so feel free to email Us your questions fro Character and players, please subject them “Q&A” and send them to Creativeplaypodcastnet@gmail.com

3 Socialize with us on Social Media! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (still dragging my feet on snapchat/twitch) www.facebook.com/CreativePlayandPodcastNetwork/ & @CreativePPnet

4 We are trying to be busier on out Blog so blog with us! We’re hoping to get sponsor Ads on the blog sight and to help please stop by from time to time and drop a comment or two on what you think, We do a Meme of the Day and share cool sales when we hear about them! http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/

5 Podcast with Us! Soon I’ll be running games on Roll20 as well as we always try to game at local stores (Even more is some of them take us up and hiring us to produce regular podcast shows for them, let your Tucson area stores know!). Invite us to your events, normally we need time to schedule it but we’d love to record you fun moments! Finally we do Skype all the time, shoot me a voice mail or lets do a phone interview and chat about creating cool stuff, cosplay or games!

6 Support the site by using links for our favorite RPG products on Amazon! If your like me you spend too much time shopping on the sweet sales mistress I call Amazon, but by using our links we get a tiny sliver of a copper, but these add up. Heck personally U use others I know because every little bit helps and I’d rather support a blog I know that a online Bot ad maker =D

7 Feedback, we love it, we hate it but we need it! Please review us on Facebook, iTunes and sights like RPG Podcasts.com it helps other find our shows and share in the fun! iTunes: D&D Journey of the Fifth Edition , Ragnarok & Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story, Creative Play and Podcast Network

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8 Help us out on patreon.com/cppn! This site helps us pay to keep the lights on and more than one episode up at a time, if you can even just $1 a month is a huge help (We average 30,000+ listens a month, imagine if everyone gave us the cost of a single  Starbucks coffee once a month, We could add so much more content and give so much back. Personally I’d do so many favors for our supporters if I could make this a full time gig!!!!) Any amount is GREATLY appreciated!   https://www.patreon.com/cppn


9 Play more games! Share this hobby we love and raise the next generation to love it as much too!!!


10 and Finally be kind to each other and support makers in your community I’ve heard of too many Makers, Cosplayers and Game designers get their dreams and hopes crushed and at the very least we can choose to be kind and supportive as people to each other and be kind to our fellow humans who have that amazing zeal to create and share!






Session 0 of ‘The Lady Knights of Adventure’ tonight!

tgg box

Tonight the new group of adventuring lady Role Players will be joining me at Tucson Games and Gadgets in the ‘Mental ward’ in collectively building the themes and threats we want to tackle in the shared story gaming experience known as Dungeons and Dragons! So once the Ladies and I decide what the world will be like I’ll gladly share and let you know.

For this game as opposed to the previous two groups ‘The Unlikely Fellowship’ and ‘ Season two’s Princes of the Apocalypse group’ the Lady Knights of Adventure will be more than just ‘Cannon’ materials and we will be allowing  more home brew things and input for other sources in this game.

Here’s just a few online resources we will be using:

Homebrew Content of 5th edition

Some interesting Races


Keep an eye out for ‘The Lady Knights of Adventure coming very soon to the dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com site and itunes of the Creative Play and podcast Network!

Also we now have been adding more videos to our YouTube channel you can find here!  Check out our Dungeon Crate review with Kerrie!

Feel free to share your thoughts! But please always be respectful of others!



Create, Inspire, Share and Collaborate!



Roll initiative, we’re about to have a Valentine….encounter <3

Here comes Valentine’s day in Gaming!

val 11

First things first, I know my Valentine’s day plans are to go see Deadpool!                                                                                                                                        Here’s some Valentine’s Day E-Cards we want to keep alive and flowing through the internet 😉

val val 9 val 8

One thing I love about gaming is RPG and Games love to join in the festivities and spread the love this February.

Love is in the Air

In our Guilds we’ll be smelling the love in the air on World of Warcraft celebrating love and friendship during which

Our fellow players share gifts and candy, and the air is filled with perfume and cologne. This holiday of course is based on the real world customs of Valentine’s Day.

Players can show their appreciation for their friends and faction leaders by collecting  Lovely Charm to create  Lovely Charm Bracelet, which can be turned in daily for rewards. The Crown Chemical Company has set up throughout the major cities of Azeroth, peddling perfumes, colognes, candy, and other seasonal goodies which can be purchased with Love Token earned through completion of daily quests. But everything isn’t exactly as it seems my friends, and it’s up to players to investigate these suspicious new goblins and their perfumed plague!

val 7


val 6 val 5 val 4 val 3 val 2 val 1

Crimson Days

For those  of us Getting a little time on the first persona shooter Destiny its going to be a bloody Valentine! In Destiny’s new Valentine’s Day event called Crimson Days. Unlike previous events, this one doesn’t have much to offer PVE players other than a few new emotes. Crimson Days is all about PVP.

From now until next Tuesday, February 16, there’s a new 2v2 playlist called “Crimson Doubles” that will let you and a friend team up against other fireteams of two. When your teammate dies in this mode, you’ll get a buff called Heartbroken that boosts your stats and makes you reload more quickly. Bloody adorable, huh?
Did you spot the valentine card you’ll send your Valentine? I know I did…

val 10– Jim

Podcast, oh we have Podcasts!

Looks like we had an issue on ITunes were they were hiding our earlier episodes, That’s been fixed now 😀

So we decided to post a reminder of where our different podcasts can be located!


Star Wars:

Edge of Empire Scum and Villainy: Chapters 1-11, Ongoing


Galaxy at war: The Hunt for Magenta Solo: Chapters 1-3, Ongoing


Sith of the Old Republic: Chapters 1-6, Ended


Edge of Empire Starter set: Part 1 & 2






Heroes, Monsters, Demigods and Ragnarok!:

Over 100 episodes so far! http://ragnarokandroll.podbean.com


Glitterdoom play through!

Part One & Part Two: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/special-holiday-episodefifth-edition-fantasy-1-glitterdoom-part-one-two/

Part Three: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/special-holiday-episodefifth-edition-fantasy-1-glitterdoom-part-three/

Part Four: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/special-holiday-episodefifth-edition-fantasy-1-glitterdoom-part-four/

Part Five: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/special-holiday-episodefifth-edition-fantasy-1-glitterdoom-part-five/

Iron Kingdoms Demo

Part One: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/iron-kingdoms-demo-fools-rush-in-part-one-of-two/

Part Two: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/e/iron-kingdoms-demo-fools-rush-in-part-two-the-finale/


D&D 5th edition Princes of the Apocalypse Chapter 1-22, Ongoing.


D&D 5th edition Starter set: Lost Mine of Phandelver Chapters 1-36, Ended.

At: http://dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com/


Various interviews and Convention Panels:


We have a YouTube channel, But what would you guys like to see on it?




Podcasts at a glance!

Creative play and podcast network: Number of current plays- 4,656 plays.

Our new Bi-weekly podcast of Edge of Empire: Scum and Villainy will be posted this Monday and next Monday our other game Galaxy at war; set in Clone wars era and our Scum and Villainy group. Plus we uploaded a lot form the Con’s we’ve visited in Oct and Nov!

 Ragnarok and Roll: Number of current plays- 12,818; With the conclusion of our last adventure our hero’s Divine Icor has ignited and they are full fledged Demi-Gods now increasing in power and legend! We also cover how the worlds changed with ‘the Heart of Winter’ calling out to the JotansHammer to bring about Fimbulwinter!

DnD Journey of the fifth edition: Number of current plays-  58,375!

Our Adventures having left Red Larch and seeking out those calling themselves the Princess of the Apocalypse have been alittle stalled with the holidays and family obligations so we’ve got two mini one shots in play ATM Glitterdoon and 4 new voices got to sit and join me in Iron Kingdoms: Fools rush in!

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Let us know what you think of our podcasts and please shoot us any suggestions of games you’d like to hear us play.

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