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Top Ten Role Playing Games of 2016

How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming about something, especially when you were at work or in class? The thing is we all enjoy pretending and make believe, sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us going. And nobody daydreams about working, or doing the dishes; what we dream about are becoming heroes, doing something for the world, having power and being a position where we can influence people. That is why the world seems to be addicted to Role Playing Games (also referred to as RPGs). The truth is that no other genre in the gaming world lets us play out our fantasies quite like role playing games do, we have their popularity as witness to that statement.

Other than just the make believe element of it all, these games let you connect and interact with other people, there are online role playing game podcasts where you can discuss your favorite games and share tricks and tactics with fellow fanatics of the role playing games genre. www.creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com is a very popular website among RPG lovers.

We have put together a list of the top ten role playing games, those that are already released and those we are still waiting for, as a tribute to the amazing world of role playing games.

  1. Fantasy Flights: Edge of Empire

    Set in the amazing universe of Star Wars Edge of Empire uses the new Fantasy Flight Dice system, that though they look intimidating are very easy to learn and excel at using in encounters and social interactions. Edge of Empire was the first of the new Star Wars books and let you play the Scum and Villians of the Universe! You can hear the CPPN’s Edge of Empire groups Podcast episodes HERE.
  2. Tom Clancy’s The Division

This RPG is available on PC, PS4 and XBOX. This game is set in a snowy apocalyptic New York. You play as a member of the Division, a group dedicated to bring life back to normal after a virus has wiped away most of the world’s population. Your enemies would be other groups of human with different agendas.

The game has a very strong focus on the story and character development. How you respond to each task ultimately will define your path in the game.
One interesting feature of the game is that it lets you find missions and then select if you want to play it with other people online, this involves a lot of creative play and makes the game more exciting. You can also choose to play alone if that is what suits your fancy.


3. Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is another amazing role playing game. Each person has a specific character to play inside an army. There is a Dungeon Master, who is basically the referee and controls the storytelling of the game. Together the group goes through different lands, goes through battles and collect treasure and knowledge. It was this game that led to the creation of www.dndjourneyofthefifthedition.podbean.com, a website dedicated entirely to Dungeons and Dragons players who play together and share their tricks. This game is very popular among different online communities that are dedicated entirely to the fans of role playing games like the CPPN’s main podcast DnD Journey of the fifth edition!

4. The Technomancer

This game is available on PC, XBOX One and PS4. This game has one incredibly exciting story line. It is based on Mars, a few centuries after mankind settled on Mars and now the resources are scarce and big companies are exploiting the common people left right and center. You will be playing a Technomancer (fancy name, right?) who will travel into different cities on Mars where different quests await you.

 5. Numenera

This is a game based many million years from now on Earth. It is all about how numerous generations before the one you are part of now, have risen and fallen. This game is very popular among different online communities that are dedicated entirely to the world and fans of role playing games.

6. Heroes Unlimited

This is a superhero based RPG, which features a very comic book like world, where there are superheroes and there are also villains to complement the heroes, because what is a hero without its arch nemesis. Each character has a specific skill set which can be improved and the character can then be customized.

7. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Coming December 2016!

This is an open-world RPG, based in the post apocalyptic era, this world has mechanized dinosaurs with remnants of numerous dead civilizations that have lived and died on that very land. The game has amazing graphics and visuals which makes roaming around in this world all that more exciting and entertaining. You will be playing Aloy, a hunter as he tries to survive different challenges of living in such a world.

8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This is the new installation in the wildly popular series whose last game was called Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The player keeps the role of Adam Jensen, who now has augmented abilities as he tries to fight off the terrorists and the Illuminati of the world. The game can be played either with a full on brutal approach, or stealthily, depending on how the user wants the character to progress, as the story line is left up to the player mostly.

9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Also coming in 2016!

This is an extremely exciting RPG and if you just happen to be interested in history, you are going to love this game. It is set in the 15th Century and the game tries to stay honest to actual historical events and customs. The game has a special group of historians on board to ensure that the clothing, weapons and other elements of the game are all in check. You play a blacksmith who is on a mission to avenge his father’s death and how you act and play will ultimately decide the future of the character.

10. Fire Emblem: Fates

After the stunning popularity of Fire Emblem: Awakening, the series is back with a new installation. This game is distinct because it allows the player to choose the path they want the game to take. The player will basically be deciding a family to side with, their blood relatives or the people who raised him and who the character chooses will change the entire story of the game.




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