Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!


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D&D Journey of the fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 54 I don’t know if I’m ok with this?

It is so good to finally be back and gaming! Were all set for more D&D into the new year.

Join Kellie (Sister Solace), Kerrie (Tallyn), Jocelyn (Reona O’Tuck),  Brittany (Tarc), Jess (Hugh Mann) Jaaz (Kriv) Evie the Good reaver and myself as we play through D&D Princes of the Apocalypse adventure module:

Abolish an Ancient Evil Threatening Devastation in this Adventure for the World s Greatest Roleplaying Game Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes

By the way I’m gauging interest if anyone would like to play on Roll20 Tomb of Annihilation or the Starter set? I’m thinking of branching out to more online games.

Welcome our friend Evie and her first D&D experiance!

“Sir, Master….Daddy?”

“What is the plan…”

“I didn’t even get a chance to hurt him!”


“…Their not dogs!”

“How many of us can cast sleep?”

About half way through we take a break and geek out on Flash Gordan and things…

Britney’s not so good Hero forge review is after the closing along with 3d printer talk

Check out our review on Blades in the Dark at http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/cutting-shadows-blades-dark-rpg-review/

See more at http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/

Our other podcast https://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.podbean.com/

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The Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!

Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane!
Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games.
Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue…), and Judi (The loved Noble elven Wizard). 
Displaying IMG_7162.JPG
“If only I was in my prime!”
“I don feel pain…”
“She knows the gender of the…”
“Your not looking at me I’m hiding!”
“There’s a HIIIIIISSsssssss….”

Sunday Night Scoundrels Episode four: The Black Sun will take care of you!

Join us as we play Fantasy Flights Edge of Empire – Star Wars

The Scoundrels are really starting to gear up after our second session (unrecorded but well be drop lots of what happened during the game)
Lady Satori continues using the crew of the Disruptor!
Following information the group gathered the fly off to save the “Womprats Shadow”….
Ovasu Salwa — Twi’lek Smuggler Pilot.
Barck Varjin — The Hired Gun Merc that’s sensitive in the Force.
Vashnak Truc — Nautolan Bounty Hunter Assassin.
Grendu Koskit’Sil – the Bothan Slicer.
This is our new Weekly On e shot Edge of Empire games over at Tucson Games and Gadgets Tucson Mall store!

“…We know of your betrayal…”
“I was so excited I swallowed wrong”
“Everything is broken…”
“It’s a complete wash”
“Seriously I had two successes!”
“negotiate with Lady Satori”
I hope you all have as much fun listening to us as we had playing!

Cosplay Melee rolls a Natural 20! [spoiler free]

Image result for cosplay melee

Yvette Nicole Brown is my new queen of Awesome!
“It’s not just Melee it’s Cosplay Melee!”

Now to be honest we’ve always loved her as well as whenever she was a guest on the couch on Talking dead!

I love the diversity were seeing in the cosplayers they picked for the pilot episode!
I love contestants first words about Cosplay:
“Cosplay is Empowering!”
“cosplay let’s me come out of my Shell!”

Theme for the Cosplay: Space Opera!

Part one: Design a head dress for your Cosplay! 8 hours and Go!
Honestly I’m loving seeing how other Cosplayers are making a Character from the ground up on the fly. Each round more and more costume and character details solidify.

Inspirations mentioned: Chronicles of Riddick, xwing pilot meet Tie fighter helmet, to Guardians of the Galaxy! All great choices for inspiration.

My first thought was “OMG yards and yards of Worbla!!!!!

The Judges

Leeanna Vamp beings the Cosplay experience, Christian Beckman the fabricator eye and Yvette Nicole Brown brings all the Fan love and passion to what looks to be an fantastic addition to the SyFy lineup!

Part Two: Take a real world item to add a specific addition to the Cosplay and finish the build over two days!

Some of my favorite quotes:
“Ample boosums of awesomeness!”
“Hey, I’m a police officer, I can also handle a huge weapon!”
“…True to the Star War Universe and True to the Character!”

All the L-200 foam!!! Yep I’m going to be keeping these episodes to rewatch when working on our cosplay builds like next months Harry Potter Wands I need to make for a party theme.

I’m loving how cool and helpful the judges are when they come by and check out the Cosplayer projects in round two.

Now for the reveal & judging

I loved these comments from the judges:

“You are Insane!”
“I want to talk about the gun!”
“That to me Blows my mind!”
“I am chilled to the bone!”
“Head to toe, Amazing look!”

The intergalactic cosplay battle was fierce and seeing everyone support each other was exemplary!

[Easter eggs]

Steampunk Futurama!

Watch the Star Wars fan movie “Redemption”

…and next week Game of Thrones!



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We’re Back and ready to roll a natural 20 on 2017!

We have a bunch of fun things coming out now that 2017 is here. Well be adding a few once a month podcast special episodes as well as our various podcasts:

Star wars Fans check out these episodes! These include the Galaxy at war crew, the Sith of the Old Republic, the Edge of Empire Scum and villains and our one shot demo games of the starter sets!

Folks who love the go to conventions will love the panels we’ve recorded here!

if you enjoy listening to Interviews with the creative minds behind book, games and other media that we’ve had the pleasure to talk to look no further than here!

If you like reviews those podcasts are HERE!

Now then there is Dungeons and Dragons which are HERE! Of course not all groups are made the same 😉 starting at the end of January will have a new group playing on Patreon just for our patrons of a fantastic group of new ladies learning D&D. we have The Lady Knights of Adventure, The Unlikely Fellowship from season one and our current crew tackling the Princes of the Apocalypse over at DND Journey of the Fifth Edition.

We’ve had a long hiatus over on our modern era Demigod’s podcasting away the end of the worlds over at Ragnarok & Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story. with all things going on like they are we’ve been planning a prequel  series called tears and blood  of destiny. a few scions in the Era of Ragnar and Eric the Red, that’s right the Vikings !

For those who enjoy the enjoy the old Sagas we have Story Time HERE where we remember and share our favorite Viking stories like a Skald!

We have a ton of content on our YouTube Channel HERE so, please like and subscribe!

I can’t wait to hear back from all of you and I’m excited to hear back from you all!

2017 is going to be all our year!


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Why I love the Podcast Games!

The other day I was asked why I love gaming and podcasting those games so much and I had to take a second and think about that. I’ve had a long, long, life long enjoyment of games going back to some of my earliest memories of gaming with my Aunt and her husband in insanely long Monopoly sessions. It was never who won or lost but how we enjoyed the company and stories and comradery of the times. Thankfully that style of game enjoyment followed me as I grew older and started playing more than Chess and other milton bradley games. Then one faithful day I saw the AD&D GM’s Guide cover and fell in love with D&D consuming all I could about it and the books (Mind you Fantasy choose your own adventure books and Comics were how my parents snuck reading into my life before this time), and novels of Fantasy adventure and monster slaying.

To make a long story short flash forward a hand full of years and I was regularly running Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Rifts, Robotech and still D&D games and loving the story writing, pacing adventures and surprise encounters all the while loving to GM and occasionall getting to play!

Than fast forward again a pair of decades and I noticed something, our gaming groups had of course morphed, evolved, and changed due to adult duties and needs but even with old friends who didn’t game any more we could sit and talk about those AMAZING adventures of yesteryear! It was at this point now married and tied up in work, chores, to do list and trying to fill in a active gaming life (Thank you Honey for being a Gamer!) We noticed the hard long  gaps in gaming and at the end of a game session  we all would hurry and be whipping out phones and calenders looking for the next free day to game. I had been a long time lover of Podcasts on iTunes, so I decided to podcast our games from then on because of nothing else than to let us keep track of where we left off as well as we could listen to those epic moments where some amazing speech or snide remark was tossed out at the spur of the moment, or as I like to call it the ’magic of immersion in the now’. That feeling where your totally in sync with your character and your not playing them but being guided by what you just know to be true there character and when at that level of game enjoyment things just happen and hours fly by and you are left gasping at the amazing story you all just completed together. That magic is why I love to podcast so we can relisten, share and talk about it and if lucky get to relive it a little each time we revisit it. One thing I know that surprised us all was how much our listeners enjoy the shows and that’s added to us wanting to add little things like NPC stories and behind the scene moments that are a blast to write and record! So to sum it up I love to set up story frameworks with twists and turns and varied ending and getting to share them with those who enjoy similar things =D


Thanks for reading this!


What do you guys think?

Now that we’re on Twitch I was asked this…

What is Twitch?

Twitch.tv was launched in 2011 as a video game, or video game competition, broadcasting branch of Justin.tv, which is a personal streaming service website similar to Ustream.

On it, gamers and gaming enthusiasts create their own Twitch channels to either broadcast live PC or console gameplay or host their own video game-themed video podcast programs for others to watch.

The site has also become known for broadcasting live video game trade shows and video game competitions, where it hosts hundreds of thousands of viewers at the same time for live events like videogame tournaments. Last March, half a million people tuned in to Twitch to watch people play games like Activision Blizzard’s “StarCraft”.

Twitch is now regarded to be the most popular services of its kind for gamers, with over 100 million unique visitors monthly. That’s up from 30 million unique visitors last year. In terms of bandwidth, Twitch’s traffic is higher than Hulu, Amazon, and Facebook. It’s mammoth, even if you’ve never heard of it.


Getting Started!

I honestly have to say getting started on Twitch is SUPER EASY! I mean, I logged in and within a minute I had a free account and was watching videos and connecting with content creators! From the gaming angle It took a little work and a YouTube video while killing time before I got home and I was online with my PS4 in minutes as well! Things were going so smoothly I was concerned but my friends on Twitch were like, “Nope, its that easy!” and I definitely have to agree!

Beginner Broadcasting

I’m just getting started with last night being my first twitch cast at www.twitch.tv/creativeplayandpodcast and it was super easy to do, as well as log in on my phone and keep an eye on what was being broadcasted. One fun thing was the 15 second delay we all noticed


Chat function

Like a friend said last night, “Chat room…I haven’t been in a chat room since AOL!” It’s true Chat rooms have gone the way of the Dodo for the most part bit in Twitch it is really cool that folks can watch you play and can chat to you onscreen so it doesn’t distract you till your free to look over and see it on the side of the screen



Do they have Ad free service?

Why yes they do for a fee, Twitch Turbo for $8.99 a month will make your service Ad free as well as adding Custom Emotes, a shiny new Chat badge and more chat colors and more importantly they hold your videos for 60 days.


How long do they hold your video?

Ths was a question I immediately asked myself 😉 According the Blog.Twitch.tv:

“Past broadcasts will begin to be removed from Twitch servers. This also marks the beginning of the new VOD storage system:

  • Past broadcasts will now be saved for 14 days for all broadcasters,
  • And 60 days for Twitch Turbo subscribers and members of the Twitch Partner Program.

If you would like to keep your past broadcasts, you can easily export them to YouTube or create highlights with our new Video Manager. Additionally, you can save locally right when you start broadcasting.

These changes take us one step closer to our ultimate goal: to deliver the highest quality video across multiple platforms. As we mentioned three weeks ago, the new VOD system will support the features you’ve requested, like:

  • Better VOD quality of service for international viewers,
  • The ability to watch VODs on mobile and other platforms,
  • Secure storage of past broadcasts (triple redundancy),
  • And more.

This is an incredibly exciting time for Twitch, and we’re thrilled to have your support! Thank you for patience and your understanding while we work to create the best broadcasting experience for you and your communities.“

Let me know what ou guys would like to see us do on Twitch? We were thinking of doing some chat Q&A while PS4 gaming is going on =D



We’re on Twitch now!

You guys asked for it and now we are on Twitch! I’m just learning how it works so please forgive us of any shortcomings at first but it seems pretty easy! I’m excited seeing if Kellie will watch me play Assassins Creed Syndicate and 1889 The Order, since those are both beautiful steampunk games she wants to watch me play to enjoy the graphics (Costumes) and story!

Please subscribe to our channel and keep an eye on the CPPN’s facebook as I’ll post when were going to be on and what games. Tonight a few of us are Fire Teaming up in Destiny to try it out.


D&D Journey of the Fifth edition: Season 2 Chapter 30- All Hail the Saviors of Red Larch show notes & pictures!

This was a really fun Game session this past Saturday! Sorry we had serious issues staying on track in game but it was a fun time with adding Brittany and Nicole to the group (and getting to talk about the new D&D group ‘The Lady Knights of Adventure!’). Plus it was so cool Jess popped into watch us play!

4 19 2

(Tucson Games and Gadgets the CPPN’s unofficial home away from home!)

4 19 1

(The ‘Before’ picture of the Tucson Games and Gadgets Auction that was going on while we played!)

Please Help Name the Player Group? We’re looking for some cool like ‘The Unlikely Fellowship’ you all suggested last time! email us at Creativeplaypodcastnetworknet or Twitter at @CreativePPNet

Quotes from the show, What others did you like? Share in the comments below.  Here  is those Pictures I promised!

“A Doll house for D&D”

“We love you Dwarf Forge!”

“… Hero Forge.”

4 19 4

(Nicole’s Awesome personalized mini!)

“We have the wall of cleavage and large feet!”

4 19 5

4 19 8

(Joclyn’s OCD dice and the ‘Wall’  =D )

“The Larch!” (you know they have to say it at least one ;) )

4 19 9 4 19 10

(a Tough day for the GM’s ‘Bigger Blacker Dice of DOOM!’ I got for my birthday =( )

If you’re interested yes we are always like when folks interested in gaming come hang out with us and watch us game (It’s the next best way to get new gamers aside from kidnapping friends to game nights or cool events like on April 30th International Tabletop gaming day.  In fact we’ll be at Tucson Games and Gadgets on Saturday the 30th. =D

What are podcasts and how to download them?


In simple words, podcasts are audio programs distributed free of cost, over the Internet. Podcasts are mostly of MP3 files, which can contain a variety of content, including music and comedy shows, but mostly, the programs sound like typical radio talk shows. You can listen to or download any podcast, all you need is a device which supports MP3 version file since most of the podcasts are saved in MP3 format.

Initially, not everyone was able to create podcasts on their own, but now in this smartphone and earbud era, since everyone has access to a mic/recording devices, everybody is creating one. Churches post podcasts of sermons, journalists create podcasts about their interview with a top-notch official, clubs and societies publish their discussions online, many story writers publish entire stories as a podcast. Many podcasts range over a number of episodes, coming out weekly or monthly, in most cases these podcasts are based on an ongoing issue which needs updates every now and then or in case of a story or a drama scripted and directed, which has a weekly episode. Since there’s no professional or financial barrier to produce a podcast, all you need is a mic and a story, every single person who wants to produce a podcast is doing so, without any hurdles. Podcasts have aided many ordinary creative people to turn in to big shots. For example, not many people knew about the stand-up comedian “Marc Maron” until his WTF podcast became a success. Gaining initial success from his podcasts, Maron has his very own television show now and his podcasts is downloaded by many, from the internet.

We’re living in the age of Internet, where whatever we do is indirectly linked to the use of the World Wide Web. Similar is the case with these podcasts, which are audio files you can listen to or download from their source website, without having to pay any fees. It’s actually like the articles you read or the movies you watch, you basically search for the podcasts related to your own interest, for example if it’s a church related sermon you want to listen to or you want to get to know about the new fashion boutiques opened up in your area, all you have to do is search for the specific podcast that you desire. At times, you can even stumble upon various podcasts of your interest on your social media accounts or on a website where you were actually looking for something else. These podcasts are mostly heard on mobile phones, just like one listens to music or radio shows while doing other stuff at the same time. The term podcast was actually evolved from the success of Apple’s iPod, so many people think of listening to podcasts in the same way they listen to stuff on their iPod’s, i.e. while one’s on the go.

If you listen to the podcast on your computers, then all you have to do is click on a file on your web browser and letting it play but if you’re using your cell phones to access podcasts, then there are different apps available for Apple and Android users. Apple iPhones come with a standard Podcast app installed in their systems, which allows the users to explore, subscribe to, download and listen to programs, all the same time, whenever you want to. Apart from this, you can download podcasts by paying a little fee $2-$5, if the podcast you need can’t be found on websites/apps which offer podcasts for free. In this case, apps such as “Pocket Casts”, “Pod Wrangler” and “Downcast” can prove to be extremely helpful. Third step, is to decide whether you want to download the file or listen to the actual podcast online. In order to download, all you have to do is click on the Download Button next to the podcast you liked.

For Android users, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, DoggCatcher, are just some of the apps which can be used to access podcasts. Stitcher is a very famous Android app for accessing podcasts, and has been ranked amongst 20 best apps according to TechCrunch, 25 Top Android apps by TIME magazine and so on. It gives you the opportunity to listen on demand to your favorite podcast, be it comedy, drama, news- and in some cases download the shows for offline listening. In many ways, Stitcher is changing the way in which people use the traditional radio for listening to shows. You can download these apps on your phone through Google Play, but remember that your phones should have enough storage before you start downloading podcasts, because even though they bear a lot of resemblance to normal music or audio files, yet in reality, they take up a lot of memory in your phone, leaving your phone stuck up because of excessive load on the memory.

So basically, streaming or downloading a podcast is extremely easy. All you have to do is install an app, search for the kinds of podcasts that interest you, follow the instructions of how to view and download the podcast you’ve chosen. In case of episodic podcasts, people can download one episode as soon as it uploads, or wait to download the entire episodes in one go so that they can get to know about the issue or the story once and for all, instead of waiting for weekly episodes to come and listen to them, while eagerly waiting for the next one.

Podcasts basically allow you to break free from the same old stale radio content circulating all the radio channels for quite some time now, instead it allows you to explore new programs and listen to stuff that interests you. Since anyone with a story or viewpoint can publish a podcast, it allows you to get to know about the general public’s opinion on a specific topic instead of being injected the same viewpoints by the government controlled conglomerates.


  • Optimizio =D

But of Course listen to one of my Favorite podcasts! http://ragnarokandroll.podbean.com/


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