Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!


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Defiance! More than just a SyFy show

That MMO you know…


Not only a great TY show on Sy Fy but a great Game!

I’m a longtime fan of this game since before the second season of the show came out, got the nice little collectors box and a really nice Hellbug statue, since those bygone days Defiance is now free to play and the PC or PS3 which has really helped make sure there are enough Arc hunters to tackle the biggest of Arc falls (a VERY cool random events that spawn across the game world fairly often popping up on your map and are great chances to get loot and meet other players). This game supports any shooter play style with an incredible number of combinations Human and Votan (the collective name for the seven alien species that invaded Earth in Arks ) weapons, armor and special abilities that you pick up as you make your way through the terraformed wasteland of the futuristic San Francisco Bay Area (that’s now a fully-realized open game world with missions at almost any spot across the world. ). Character customization really allows for a hundreds of looks and human or alien species, even going so far as offering different voices for your characters part in the cinematic scenes of the great arcing Story line. One thing I enjoyed is the fact you get a vehicle to drive early on to make travelling in these dangerous lands safer and easier mind you if you crash to much (which is easy to do till you get a handle on driving) you vehicle can despawn, one of the best things about getting go at driving is the timed race courses where you compete against other folks times.

Much like the show on Sy Fy Defiance is an ever evolving and changing thing and that’s one of the exciting things that while fighting to survive in this consistently evolving environment with regular content updates and dynamic events. Also keep your eyes peeled for Arkfall Codes, secret codes on the TV show you can add to your account for perk, gear and bonuses, in season 2 I found the code “Defiant” which unlocked the defiant few recon gear outfit. If nothing else it’s a fun Easter egg to look for in the show and add the game. 


Also This week we Ark Hunters voted on the site for our reward in the Bay area and were being rewarded with getting:

50% Bonus to Faction Reputation for Sept. 10-17


100% Experience Bonus will also be active throughout the weekend, running Sept. 12-15


So for free why not join us?

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