Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

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Session 0 of ‘The Lady Knights of Adventure’ tonight!

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Tonight the new group of adventuring lady Role Players will be joining me at Tucson Games and Gadgets in the ‘Mental ward’ in collectively building the themes and threats we want to tackle in the shared story gaming experience known as Dungeons and Dragons! So once the Ladies and I decide what the world will be like I’ll gladly share and let you know.

For this game as opposed to the previous two groups ‘The Unlikely Fellowship’ and ‘ Season two’s Princes of the Apocalypse group’ the Lady Knights of Adventure will be more than just ‘Cannon’ materials and we will be allowing  more home brew things and input for other sources in this game.

Here’s just a few online resources we will be using:

Homebrew Content of 5th edition

Some interesting Races


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Our new Bi-weekly podcast of Edge of Empire: Scum and Villainy will be posted this Monday and next Monday our other game Galaxy at war; set in Clone wars era and our Scum and Villainy group. We posted ‘Kickstarters that we want to see happen and our latest Book review!

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Our Adventures having left Red Larch and seeking out those calling themselves the Princess of the Apocalypse have been alittle stalled with the holidays and family obligations so we’ve got two mini one shots in play ATM Glitterdoom and 4 new voices got to sit and join me in Iron Kingdoms: Fools rush in!

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