Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

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Sunday Night Scoundrels Episode Six: In roads under a Black Sun

Join us as we play Fantasy Flights Edge of Empire – Star Wars

The Scoundrels are really starting to gear up after our second session (unrecorded but well be drop lots of what happened during the game)
Lady Satori continues using the crew of the Disruptor!
Join our Crew as they Take off for some work on a Shadow Port that their new black Sun ‘Contact’ has given them.

-The real gaming starts at the 12 minute mark.


‘Don’t touch my gun’

 “We’re delivering groceries?”

“Do you guys know what a gravity well is?”

“I succeeded”

“Are these the purple dice your looking for?”



“You had you chance…”

“….this guys trying to play games with us…”

“This is why gun are DEADLY!”


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Galaxy at war: Precious Cargo – Chapter Eighteen The Padawans are on a roll

Our Force and Destiny game set in the Clone wars era!
Join us as the Astromech John Tomes, and the Younglings: Balin (Dan), Yalka’von (JJ), Darla (Duncan), and Ted’Na-ugent (Chris) head off into the pirate ship and save their captured Adults!
“You can make an Aim maneuver twice”
“Blowing you both up!”
“If people would write in Common”
“Their cutting us to ribbons”
“Wooah, and were moaning?”
“Don’t do it Dan he’s a Bitc….!”
“Despair is just Story!”
“Tommy’s Back!”
“And that’s why I ran to the grown ups!”
“The Story must be told!”

Cosplay Melee rolls a Natural 20! [spoiler free]

Image result for cosplay melee

Yvette Nicole Brown is my new queen of Awesome!
“It’s not just Melee it’s Cosplay Melee!”

Now to be honest we’ve always loved her as well as whenever she was a guest on the couch on Talking dead!

I love the diversity were seeing in the cosplayers they picked for the pilot episode!
I love contestants first words about Cosplay:
“Cosplay is Empowering!”
“cosplay let’s me come out of my Shell!”

Theme for the Cosplay: Space Opera!

Part one: Design a head dress for your Cosplay! 8 hours and Go!
Honestly I’m loving seeing how other Cosplayers are making a Character from the ground up on the fly. Each round more and more costume and character details solidify.

Inspirations mentioned: Chronicles of Riddick, xwing pilot meet Tie fighter helmet, to Guardians of the Galaxy! All great choices for inspiration.

My first thought was “OMG yards and yards of Worbla!!!!!

The Judges

Leeanna Vamp beings the Cosplay experience, Christian Beckman the fabricator eye and Yvette Nicole Brown brings all the Fan love and passion to what looks to be an fantastic addition to the SyFy lineup!

Part Two: Take a real world item to add a specific addition to the Cosplay and finish the build over two days!

Some of my favorite quotes:
“Ample boosums of awesomeness!”
“Hey, I’m a police officer, I can also handle a huge weapon!”
“…True to the Star War Universe and True to the Character!”

All the L-200 foam!!! Yep I’m going to be keeping these episodes to rewatch when working on our cosplay builds like next months Harry Potter Wands I need to make for a party theme.

I’m loving how cool and helpful the judges are when they come by and check out the Cosplayer projects in round two.

Now for the reveal & judging

I loved these comments from the judges:

“You are Insane!”
“I want to talk about the gun!”
“That to me Blows my mind!”
“I am chilled to the bone!”
“Head to toe, Amazing look!”

The intergalactic cosplay battle was fierce and seeing everyone support each other was exemplary!

[Easter eggs]

Steampunk Futurama!

Watch the Star Wars fan movie “Redemption”

…and next week Game of Thrones!



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Freemakers assemble!

It is a Golden age for Star Wars!

It’s true in my opinion this is the best time to be a Star Wars fan! Currently there area new novels filling out back stories, new comic books coming out, TV shows (Star Wars Rebels and Lego Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures), a whole line of RPGs (by fantasy flight) and Star Wars Rogue one coming in a few months!

One spotlight I really want to share is the Lego Star Wars Freemaker Adventures. It’s true it’s a kids show and Legos and all but I honestly need to say their creators love Star Wars!!!!

Set in post Episode 4: Empire strikes back era (Due to Lando’s episode where hes in hiding and banished from cloud city) the concept is a family of salvage experts and the characters are definitely from the Edge of Empire book;) of these family members, and their reprogrammed B1 battle droid, the youngest sibling has a little force sensing abilities in regards to “the Kyber saber crystals”. Once all these crystals are found they create a legendary light saber made of crystal. The really cool thing is the show takes play in so many known Star Wars locations and spot lights so many characters from the Star Wars universe. Heck they even have a force wielder who acts a lot like a ‘Hand of the Emperor’ and Dangar gets a lot of screen time.
Lando fans will love his episode! Give the show a try I’m sure it’ll be something that can inspire you Star Wars RPG games.

I give this show a solid 18 on the D20 scale! Its super kid friendly and if you adults have to sit through it you’ll actually find yourself enjoying it!

Also keep an probe droid out for season three of Star Wars Rebels! The preview looks like some time has passed possibly putting the show at Rouge Ones era???

Whats your favorite Star Wars items coming out now and from back in the day? (Here’s a Hint I know Kellie’s is her R2D2 purse ;))


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