Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!


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Cosplay Melee rolls a Natural 20! [spoiler free]

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Yvette Nicole Brown is my new queen of Awesome!
“It’s not just Melee it’s Cosplay Melee!”

Now to be honest we’ve always loved her as well as whenever she was a guest on the couch on Talking dead!

I love the diversity were seeing in the cosplayers they picked for the pilot episode!
I love contestants first words about Cosplay:
“Cosplay is Empowering!”
“cosplay let’s me come out of my Shell!”

Theme for the Cosplay: Space Opera!

Part one: Design a head dress for your Cosplay! 8 hours and Go!
Honestly I’m loving seeing how other Cosplayers are making a Character from the ground up on the fly. Each round more and more costume and character details solidify.

Inspirations mentioned: Chronicles of Riddick, xwing pilot meet Tie fighter helmet, to Guardians of the Galaxy! All great choices for inspiration.

My first thought was “OMG yards and yards of Worbla!!!!!

The Judges

Leeanna Vamp beings the Cosplay experience, Christian Beckman the fabricator eye and Yvette Nicole Brown brings all the Fan love and passion to what looks to be an fantastic addition to the SyFy lineup!

Part Two: Take a real world item to add a specific addition to the Cosplay and finish the build over two days!

Some of my favorite quotes:
“Ample boosums of awesomeness!”
“Hey, I’m a police officer, I can also handle a huge weapon!”
“…True to the Star War Universe and True to the Character!”

All the L-200 foam!!! Yep I’m going to be keeping these episodes to rewatch when working on our cosplay builds like next months Harry Potter Wands I need to make for a party theme.

I’m loving how cool and helpful the judges are when they come by and check out the Cosplayer projects in round two.

Now for the reveal & judging

I loved these comments from the judges:

“You are Insane!”
“I want to talk about the gun!”
“That to me Blows my mind!”
“I am chilled to the bone!”
“Head to toe, Amazing look!”

The intergalactic cosplay battle was fierce and seeing everyone support each other was exemplary!

[Easter eggs]

Steampunk Futurama!

Watch the Star Wars fan movie “Redemption”

…and next week Game of Thrones!



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Sy Fy’s Aftermath!

As I’ve been know to say it’s an interesting show that ends the world in all the ways including the kitchen sink!


Most folks who know me know I love end of the world Fiction and what if ideas so it comes as no surprise that I enjoy Sy Fy’s new show that’s been quietly plugging away on Sy Fy and Chiller channels. The show has the classic trope of a family unit at the end of the world, only its a little of all cultures worst end of days at once!

Our survivors the Copeland family must face terrifying supernatural creatures and unprecedented disasters, including massive storms, earthquakes, skinwalkers, meteor impacts, plague, rabies, rogue soldiers, wyvern or Quetzals, sea goblins, mass adductions, volcanoes and the rapid decline of civilization. Will they be able to make it through – and figure out how to stop it?

I’m enjoying the show and the writing is good andI love that the roles have been swapped with ‘Mom’ being the military trained bad a$$ and ‘Dad’ is the professor skilled in myth and lore acting as the talking head for mythical creatures and biblical records. I really do hope this show gets a good following and Sy Fy keeps it alive and get some budget increases as the drama and story lines are intensifying!

Let’s see if the Copeland family – Karen, Josh, Dana, Brianna and Matt – can and will fight for their survival while piecing together clues from old tomes, spirit wheels, adepts and cryptic cave paintings on how to save what’s left of humanity… if anyone’s else is worth saving that is!

On SyFy network Tuesday’s 10/9pm
Plus all the episodes up to date are on Syfy.Com !

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