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Welcome and enjoy as we Create, Play and Share!

The walking dead

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The Walking dead finale! (No spoilers!)

Wow! Just Wow! I am already Sooooo looking forward to season 8 this Fall!

I wanted to wait to post this so that all my friends who wait till the next weekend to catch up on Tivo/DVR could catch up J

Ok so one of the first thing I have to say is if I wrote my RPG Adventures like the writers have been writing the Walking Dead story since the Saviors joined the series every one of my  players would leave my game table and I would not blame them! 

One bad thing that is really bugging me is that the Saviors are infallible and always in the loop of all the plans against them and the going on’s of all the small groups. For a few seasons now the writers are so over playing the trope of the bad guys having the “perfect luck” in every situation and I’m definitely sick of it!

All in all though it was a great season finale and a powerhouse of emotional wrap up of the season making you want more walking dead and some Talking dead to help get the feels out and see the guests cast on Chris Hardwicks couch!

Plus keep an eye out for Chris Hardwicks new show its going to be a great addition to the Walking Dead off season!

As usual, there are still many questions to ponder as fans embrace next season. Gregory’s intentions for leaving The Hilltop is still unknown. Now that he has been shaken up a bit, curiosity peaks as to what Negan’s next play will be seeing as he had upper hand for quite some time.

 Interesting note over 200 weapons were used by the prop team for the finale! 

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

 Keep on Keeping on Walking dead!


the Walking dead… All hail the King babe!

(No Spoilers, I promise just fanboying)

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this season of the walking dead! Now I know it had a bloody and brutal start and that dashed chaos and trauma on us but after seeing tonight’s episode I’m am pleased with the feel and honoring of the characters we got to meet in the Kingdom!

We’ve been given a glimpse into more than the darkness forced on us in the season opener. Now I admit that those we lost on the show had to go since the characters couldn’t like in a post Negan world but in meeting King Ezekiel we see hope and honor and what we should strive for including helping one another to all succeed and make a place for the betterment of all.

We are all actors in our own tale and I loved the Carol/Ezekiel moment we’re all the cards on the table and the simple act of saying: “I’m sorry! For all the bad you’ve been through” and that the lesson “where’s there’s life, there’s life!” Powerful words and concepts for folks in any bad times in my opinion!

All the walking dead leaders have been powerful archetypes and I’ve glad we’re meeting the King!

…and Jerry in one of my new favorite characters on the show!

for more on the grea King with a tiger check out the walking dead Wiki page if you don’t mind the spoilers or if your more Thank 2 years behind in the comics (which I completely think you should read and enjoy as well!)

Also next weeks sneak peek looks chalk full of Negan, Daryl and that guy we hate with the half burned face!

Check out the talking dead this week to see how they did the great Tiger Shiva, pawing around all these actors 😉


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